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1st Guest Review by LondonMan posted 8/3/07

If, like me, you're a fan of 70's/80's spanking videos, you'll love this film. It's been re-released on the Cal- Star label.

I first saw it about 20 years ago when it was called "Gone to Pot". It features 2 girls suitably attired in the obligatory school uniform. One of them ie Karen is sporting a "punk" haircut which should give an indication of how old it is. There's a further reference to "Frankie goes to Hollywood" which I believe were a group around the early 80's.

The film starts with the two girls sitting on the floor in the garden. Plenty of "upskirt" shots here. One suggests they go up to her room to listen to music. They both troop in past the mother Shirley. She's a late 30's/early 40's mother with bleach-blonde hair with a pleasant face and nice figure. She's wearing a blue sleeveless crimpeline dress. I suppose the kindest thing you could say about the dress is the way it supports her considerable bust.

She casually enquires what the girls are going to do upstairs, and they timidly tell her they will listen to music. The action then shifts to the bedroom where first of all Karen persuades her friend to have a smoke. One thing leads to another and then they have snogging session including touching each other.

The inevitable happens. Yes, you've guessed it. Shirley comes into the bedroom and goes berserk. She dishes out quite severe bare bottom spankings to both girls. In fact there's a memorable scene where she's caning Karen quite severely with her daughter trying to hold her back saying, "That's enough" and her mother saying, "I'll decide when it's enough". There's none of this "soft-soap" spanking that you get in today's videos.

Suddenly, the father comes home and and runs up the stairs when he hears the cries.

"What's this?" he demands. Shirley tells him what the girls had been up to but his daughter shows him her beaten bottom. He agrees that they should be punished but that she should have waited for him and certainly shouldn't have beaten her like that.

"But you weren't here", she protested

"Well you should have waited, I'm the govenor here" he replied.

Gesturing to the girls that he'll deal with them later, he turn's to Shirley and says, "Right, as the head of this house. You're going to get yours".

"What are you talking about?" she answers. It's as if the very thought of being punished herself, just didn't enter her head.

The scene quickly shifts to the lounge. The 2 girls come in first, followed by the father leading Shirley by the hand. He then sits down on the settee, and without further ado, pulls the disbelieving Shirley face down across his lap. Only now does she realise what's about to happen and she starts to struggle crying out, "Let me go, let me go".

Ignoring her protests, and holding her down with one hand, he scoops up her dress to above her waist, and she's wearing black stockings (nylons), black suspender belt and the most attractive scarlet red satin panties. Oh, and white high heel sandals. She now gets a good half dozen wallops on one of the most magnificent rear's I have ever seen. Then her red panties are pulled unceremoniously down and she receives the most severe bare bottom spanking over the next few minutes. The camera switches from her reddened bottom to her equally red and tear filled face. With mascara running and lots of protesting. The "daughter" and friend even have to hold her down while she also receives the strap and belt.

I found this to be a very erotic film. I just wish there more of these featuring more mature women receiving overdue punishments rather than the trend of using girls barely out of high school.

2nd review posted 9/19/08
Time: 23 minutes
Guest review by Collector

Some lightweight early CalStar, under the "Imprint" label. Two sillly teenage girls sit, legs spread, panties showing indelicately, gossiping about boys. The brunette describes the sensation of some marijuana she has, how "randy" she gets and what she lets her boyfirend do to her. She and her punk redhead friend go to her room to smoke a joint. There is a lot going on under the dresses of these two girls.

The joint does make them randy--they undress each other and the brunette's mother Dora catches them in a lesbian embrace and goes berserk. On threats of being reported to parents and father: "We'll take our punishment, anything." So, in 13 minutes the pretext for spanking is established.

Dora spanks her naked punk rock daughter first, her nude cousin watching. It is an OTK tussle. Not much happens. The cousin is thrown over the bed for a fast whippy series with a light cane, which materialized from somewhere. More writhing.

Downstairs, the father comes home, hears the commotion, and being British recognizes the sound of rattan on flesh and sneaks upstairs. It seems Dora has exceeded her authority in ths house. To Dora: "You can get ready for yours." She is dragged OTK, red panties come down, for a failed spanking. The two nude teenagers watch with some pleasure. With a tawse, the father slaps Dora and the two girls, whose bottoms he has positioned within reach for the purpose. The girls give us lots of looks, front and back, and they twist and agitate during the excitement.

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