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Naughty, Naughty Girls

Starring: Rachael
Reviewed by: Eric Blair-Brown

It's the women's liberation movement's worst nightmare but a darn good spanking video. A wife, refusing her husband's wishes... spanked! A mature daughter gets in trouble at school... spanked! Poor work, from a female assistant, leads to... you guessed it, a good spanking. It's a video that takes many domestic punishment scenarios and puts them all in one entertaining package.

In the first scene, a Mr. Jones informs his wife she has to make dinner for his boss that evening. When the woman refuses, hubby pulls Mrs. Jones out of bed and over his knee. The man proceeds to give his wife a no-nonsense spanking. When Mr. Jones decides she isn't learning her lesson, he has her lay across the bed and whacks her posterior with his hand, a hairbrush and a leather paddle. After the painful bare bottom punishment is over, the wife agrees to cook the business dinner.

Scene two begins with Mrs. Jones receiving a call from her daughter's school. It seems Miss Vicki has been a talking back to teachers and turning in spanking drawings for art class. Mom confronts her daughter about her behavior. Vicki is told to kneel on the sofa and complains as the seat of her jeans is spanked repeatedly. After she calls her mother a bitch, Mrs. Jones continues the punishment with a strap and a cane. Later, the girl is order to remove her jeans and is placed over her mother's knee. Despite her promise to behave, mom bends the girls over a chair and beats Vicki's butt with the leather paddle and the cane. She then sends the teen to her room.

Scene three begins with Mr. Jones, his boss and Monica, the boss' assistant, entering the apartment to find a sleeping Mrs. Jones. When she's asked about dinner, Mrs. Jones apologizes and says she had to deal with their daughter and had no time to cook. When hubby says if his boss wasn't there, he'd give her a good spanking, the assistant says, "don't mind us". With that, the guests sit on the sofa as the wife goes over her husband's knee. Despite her protest, Mrs. Jones is spanked. After a good OTK session, the woman is ordered to remove her skirt and panties. She is bent over a chair and is spanked by her husband's hand, a paddle, a strap and a cane. The punishment is long and painful. At the end of the spanking, Monica says she thinks Mrs. Jones deserved the punishment. The boss agrees, but says Monica should be spanked for her shoddy performance in the office. The assistant is soon over Mr. Jones' knee and endures the same punishment as Mrs. Jones. After Monica has been spanked, paddled and caned, Vicki defies her mother and leaves her room to tell dad that mom had spanked her. The plan backfires as Mr. Jones decides to add to his daughter's punishment. Vicki is placed over an ottoman and has her bottom severely strapped and caned by her dad. When Mrs. Jones notices that Monica is enjoying her daughter's punishment, the assistant is ordered to take the teen's place. Monica receives 12 strokes of the cane.

This is a tape has something for most spanking enthusiasts. Almost every domestic and some work related situations are covered in this production. The tape includes a wife, a mature child, and an employee, all enduring a long and painful punishment. No debate, no give and take, just husbands, mothers and bosses getting to the seat of the problem. Naughty, Naughty Girls is a tape worth viewing.

Editor's note: Top-Marks videos are distributed in the US by Brooks Applications. Jennifer Brooks has re-edited this video for the US market. You can purchase this video at

The title of this video in the UK is 'Problem Girls 2003' and is available though Top-Marks videos.

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