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Naughty Nieces 2

23 minutes
Guest Review by COLLECTOR posted 8/22/08

Distinguished professorial CalStar regular (stellar in "Mutual Agreement") as an uncle of two pretty nieces, Sonyia and Samantha, staying with him. He comes home shcked and furious. He has seen the girls performing being spanked naked in a men's club, bent over chairs in front of an attentive crowd. No club like that in our town. And, pray tell, why did he stop in?

He jumps his wife Diedre, an older lady (only as compared to the schoolgirls usually populating this space), who we have already been watching strip and bathe, for her failure to supervise the nieces. She gets a good bare-bottom handspanking and tawsing in their bedroom. This is not unfamiliar to her.

The nieces comehome. Sonyia is a tall short-haired blonde and Samantha a raven brunette. They are confronted. Uncle calls them "common prostitutes." Up on the couch they go, skirts up, pants down, for "sterner measures----slippers." But what is this? Their bottoms shock Uncle and Diedre. Seemingly authenitc bruise patterns familiar to us observers of the spanking scene. We are guessing the makeup department couldn't reproduce this, that these girls are recovering from another performance. A hard and loud slippering, but we don't see many strokes actually hit.

Both girls are made to strip---nice trim figures, no bras, very young and ladylike. Leisurely look front and back. Their club appearance surely must have been entertaining. The girls kneel for the cane, just two or three firm strokes, marks quickly appearing in a contrasting pattern over the bruises. Their actual spankings are consistent with pre-existing sore bottoms.

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