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Naughty Nurses Part 2

Length: 57 minutes
Review by MARS posted 2/18/11

A touch of the burlesque in this film, which we'll assume Moonglow intended. Actresses Lesley Sey and Linda Fox play two slightly frisky nurses on a hospital room set which looks like it could have been a mock-up for a vaudeville stage. A male patient, Mr. Moore, with a fright wig and mustache askew, a costume out of a Marx Brothers movie, recovers. The nurses check him, pull back the bedclothes to see how his hemerroids are, then fail to stimulate an erection from him.

The redheaded nurses pilfer and slip some Viagra into his OJ. He is soon feeling randy. They blithely check his penis. "Oh, what an improvement!" Tracy (Linda Fox) strips off her uniform, down to bra and panties and garter belt. The patient unsnaps her bra for her. Haley (actress Lesley Sey) strips down also and doesn't hesitate when the gentleman asks "Take off your knickers."

We recall a bedside scene like this in a Tanya Fox movie, herself a CP queen, which resulted in orgasms all around.

The staff doctor (and Moonglow regular) walks in on this scene--two mostly naked nurses and a patient in high arousal. In an adjoining room, the doctor and Moore confront the girls, who have readjusted their clothes; they admit the Viagra stunt, and the doctor turns the girls over to Moore for punishment, as if he needed more titillation.

He'll spank Tracy first, OTK on a cheap couch on the set. Skirt up, a sweet lavender thong, slow and boring. Haley does her turn OTK. Both girls are cornered, skirts up, when the doctor enters with spanking implements, happy with the progress on display.

Tracy and Haley are then paddled and strapped. Tracy agrees to strip down to bra and panties, bends over a stool for more implements. Haley bends over too, retaining her nurse's uniform for the moment, probably for those who like spanking and uniforms.

Moving to the cane portion, Tracy kneels on a chair and bends over its back and takes about 15 strokes on her knickers, then another 15 on the bare, repeats certainly mixed in.

Haley's turn on the chair is mis-edited. 25 strokes, but knickers suddenly down then replaced, before the final 12 shown on the bare. No harm--excellent welts and wheals, closeups. A lot of fun to watch the goofs.

Both girls agree: "You're not going to play around any more in the drug cabinet."

Both must wear a sign on their backs: "Well Thrashed." We'd like to imagine they'll get more than their share of pats on the fanny that day.

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