Directed and Produced: Joey Sparks
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster

Don't let the title fool you. Yes, it is about a naughty schoolgirl who is punished for her indiscretions and bad behavior, but it is not your average "schoolgirl video" It is much better.

The story line is simple; a young lady has been very bad. She has lied to her mother, cut classes at school, failed to do her homework, and been sent home from school for sassing her teacher. For each infraction her "mother" played by the indominatable Ms. Dana Specht gives the naughty young lady, played by Alexandra Panos, the punishment she deserves.

There are three basic scenes in this video. Two of them take place in the bedroom, and one takes place in the living room. We are treated to almost an hour of Ms. Specht plying her trade on the luscious "glutious maximus" of Alexandria. And who could deny that Ms. Specht has few equals when it comes to spanking a naughty bottom. She uses many implements, including hand, leather paddle, strap, wooden spoon, hairbrush, and even a "Spencer paddle". Almost from the beginning we know we are in for a treat. Scene one opens with Alexandria wearing "drop seat" pajamas (provided by Bobbie Tawse, as are all the costumes), which are immediately taken down so as to give Ms. Specht the maximum view for "target practice, and practice on that target she does.

By the time this video is over, Alexandria has a very red, sore, and blistered bottom. As a matter of fact, this video has some of the best strapping scenes that I have seen. And what makes this video more enjoyable is the trademark "chastising" that Ms. Specht continues throughout. And when she finally says many times towards the end of the video "wait until you're father gets home", you are saying to yourself, as I did, "if this wasn't the primary punishment, god let me be a fly on the wall to watch the real thing".

If you, like I, love to watch a serious spanking session, and three times mind you, you have got to purchase this video, as I did. I can't wait for "Naughty Schoolgirl IV", and I can't help but hope that Ms. Specht will put in another appearance.

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