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Naughty Schoolgirl Punished

Year: 2009
53 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/9/10

The year 2009 is the release date, but production seems earlier, in that the CalStar studio is similar to 10 years ago, except for a plasma TV. We've often said we are not fussy though, because our subject matter is timeless.

Two rather post-graduate girls in disheveled schoolgirl kit are caught by a mother nipping at her vodka. They have skipped P.E. class. Mom (an Irish moll who herself would be a good candidate for some toe-touching) calls the school and apologizes and explains she will "deal with them at home, if you know what I mean." Kerry, a pretty blonde, is the woman's daughter, and is first to go OTK for a handspanking on white panties. Her friend Sarah, a taller and slightly more statuesque blonde, goes OTK and displays delectable pink panties almost worth leaving in place.

Mom switches the girls again. Daughter Kerry: "You're not taking my panties down in front of my friend." Of course we are. Then Sarah back OTK, those pink pants down, a memorable tush. Mom compares her progress. "Not quite red enough." The other bottom is usually kept in each camera frame.

After a little more OTK, Mom switches to the strap--Sarah first. Her "crocodile tears" are not convincing. Kerry looks on, wincing at the strokes. There is quite an assortment of paddles and straps on a coffee table. Kerry is asked to pick one. Mom likes the choice. "Oooh, OK!" is her mother's reaction to the selection. She seems to know what will happen. Terry and Sarah get the soft kidney-shaped paddle.

Mom proudly announces she gave away Terry's Justin Timberlake concert tickets (probably establishing this video in the early 2000's). Another strap with an embossed heart imprint for both bottoms, and yet another paddle/strap. Both girls flash bits of their sweet homebases.

"You're both going to get caned now." Kerry goes first. 25 short snappy strokes on the bare. Immediate marks turn from white to red, welts, weals, bruises. All the sexy angles.

Sarah next. "Take them down." (those great pink knickers). 30 strokes. The mother is clearly enjoying this--leaning in, grimacing, eyes blazing. Not as many welts, but she does break skin two or three times.

It will be "10 times worse if you ever do this again." She kisses them both, they reciprocate, and she leaves.

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