Naughty Schoolgirls Revenge

Time: 55 minutes
Guest Review by MARS 10/24/08

George Harrison Marks directs. A male actor identified as Timothy Maltravers is often seen in GHM work. Two blonde schoolgirls with sweet Irish accents goof off in the headmaster's study. They find some a spanking photo collection and the video "Sting In The Tail" in his bookcase and are amused. We watch them look through the book through traces of their blonde flowing hair.

A female teacher, Miss Barrington-Clit, herself as attractive as the schoolgirls, catches them with the video. "The punishment should fit the crime." She slaps her hands together with a finality they immediately understand. "Oh, you can't do that. It's not allowed."

Mandy is the first of the schoolgirls to go OTK. We saw the complete young lady, front and back, in "Hot Young Buns;" Miss B. takes her OTK, and pulls down her schoolgirl knickers right away. Her magnificant body is not so much on display in this video. Miss B, a tall blonde with glasses, with some resemblance to Sophie Fennington, is a crisp and effective spanker. The second little blonde schoolgirl, Cindy, gets her pants pulled down for the same.

The Headmaster comes in and is furious with everyone. Miss B. shows the Head the girls' bottoms, but he is focused on her. She is to report to him at 6 PM. That evening, the Headmaster explains to Miss B. that he made a deal with the two girls---they would not report the illegal spanking they received if the Headmaster would spank Miss B, in fact spank, paddle, and cane her. Miss B. is appropriately shocked. "I have never been spanked. No one ever pulled my pants down." But she soon surrenders and is pulled OTK, skirt up, very attractive black silk panties and garter belt on display. When those pants are rolled down, her big perfect mature bottom shines in splendor. She breathes heavily during the handspanking, calliing him "bastard" and "asshole" and inciting harder spanks. He finds a floppy leather paddle and gives her a meek six, but the screen is filled with her perfect buttocks.

Miss B. bends over the desk and takes about 8 hard cane strokes. There is sufficient prattle between the strokes that we can watch the marks emerge and almost assist in pointing out the next site for a stroke. The camera holds on her bottom throughout, as Miss B. keeps fighting back and swearing. She threatens to spank HIM, which turnabout has actually happened in some GHM productions. But it usually isn't pretty and thankfully doesn't materialize here. Finally the Headmaster looks at the video Miss B. recovered and is shocked to realize he spanked the wrong bottom. The tape is a "dissertation on corporal punishment" he is preparing for his education peers. Yeah, right, as they say.

We return to the schoolgirls, who are comparing bottom marks. The Headmaster will set things straight and start with the delectable Mandy, the "smirky one." Over the desk, handspanked, pants partially down. Up on a chair, pants at the knees, her beautiful tush on full display. A final six counted aloud.

Cindy goes OTK and has to hand over one of her plimsols. "Why?" She gets handspanked and slippered. Moderately hard; the Headmaster is fascinated with this bucking bottom on his lap, as are we. Cindy gets the cane next, just silly taps on the bare. Mandy is then caned on her blue knickers, also to on effect. All in all, this production has merit in the authentic-feeling ageplay/schoolgirl aspects and for unusually lovely models in the key roles.

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