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Naughty Secretaries Week 2

year: 2000
Time 1 hour, 30 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted on 5/28/10

An actual full-length CP feature, filmed in one spot, made by Eve Howard. As with many Shadow Lane films, there is a romantic touch here, and it could suffice as a training film if you needed one.

Actor Keith Jones plays himself, a spanking enthusiast, who takes over a business. His secretaries Erica Scott and Alexandra Panos recognize him and plot to induce him to spank them and to disguise they are into the spankiing scene. You won't wait long.

The girls drop hints and cues to Keith and leave work to buy naughty costumes designed to push him over the edge. Whe he finds a copy of SL's "Stand Corrected" magazine, with him on the cover, at the reception desk, he calls for Alexandra, who appears in a frilly maid's costume. He grabs her OTK, much to her delight, and begins pulling back the crinolines. "I guess you're here somewhere." "That's for you to find out."

Alexandra is a tall, thin, pony-tailed, raven-haired Grecian goddess, not someone you could hold squirming on your lap if you want to keep your composure. But Keith is experienced and can handle these distractions. He finds her bottom, the handspanking is playful. "I think these panties need to come down." "You can't do that."

After a bit, Keith sends Alexandra for Erica, who shows up in a skimpy gold lame' cocktail dress she rented. Erica, an older girl and a plausible office worker, albeit exremely spankable in this naughty dress, succeeds in inciting Keith. "I think both of you need to be punished." OTK for Erica, a silly tussle, dress up, unsexy pantyhose to be disposed of. "Oh, no, no," she doth protest. "You can expect this all the time."

The next day the girls are dressed normally and Keith intends the full treatment. "You don't plan to spank us in front of each other, do you?" "Why not?" A full array of paddles and straps are laid out. Doesn't look encouraging. The statuesque and brave Alexandra is first: she gets a small hardwood paddle, then the haribrush. Skirt up, black panties and bra make this seem like a real office spanking. Leather strap, panties down, weak little erotic feminine protest, and a round wood paddle.

Erca's turn OTK. "Are you tired yet?" Spatula paddle with holes, hairbrush, dress up, sweet pale pants, short sharp strokes with a flexible leather spanker--she screams when Keith cracks her thighs. "Maybe tomorrow we'll see about some more time down there." The black leather kidney-shaped paddle hurts most of all, to Keith's delight. Her count to 12 is reset because she can't focus (but we certainly can.)

"This is just the beginning." Two bare bottoms over the desk for comparisons and some winks. Erica to the wall, bottom out. More handspanking for Alexandra. At about this point, Eve Howard's spanking imagination is running dry. Erica gets a long paddle slapper and a full-sized razor strap for him to use. If Keith had put his back into it, Alexandra would have danced, but that is not the intent here. She gets more--the riding crop, a bundle of birches (very brief--must have hurt), and the black paddle. "last dozen and a half" with the big paddle flummoxes her, so we start over.

"Erica, hand me the cane." There is some erotic pleasure in having the girls handle and deliver the implements of their misfortune. It is a short plexiglass model, not the classic senior rattan. Alexandra counts out 12 and a few more.

Erica is bent over the desk while Alexandra rubs in the background. There have been two bottoms in most shots. She get the "long leather paddle," the "wide strap." The kidney paddle, in preparation for the cane, then twelve more. Only the last one bears any relation to a British session.

All in all, too long and repetitive; the girls keep their clothes on and their modesty intact. However, we've read that SL is good for spousal training. Try this one.

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