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Newgate Tail and The Way of a Man and a Maid are two different works, but were included on the same release (DVD, ect). That is why they are listed on the same page. Some reviewers have reviewed both pieces in the same review while others have chosen to review them separately.

The Way of a Man and a Maid
28 Minutes
Additional Review by MARS posted 3/19/10

Karl Strong plays an evil Lord Mathorn and Leia his maid in a brief powerful tale of humiliation, subjugation, bondage, and of course, spanking. Lord M. wears a decent period Victorian costume and Leia is dressed as we would fantasize every cute maid should be, in an apron and nothing else, so her bottom peeks out and her breasts are visible from the side. This outfit for us is just a bit preferable on the erotic scale to the shorty hospital gown with ties in the back. Made for spanking submissive candidates. Leia has no lines in this drama--she just moans and begs.

Leia polishes the Lord's boots, between her bare legs. He handspanks her as she kneels on the floor--her bottom is bare and accessible throughout the video. She is helpless putty in front of him, a plaything. He spanks her in various postures and slaps her pussy.

Lord Mathorn drops the top of her apron to play with her breasts. Leia does an excellent acting job of showing she must submit to this, while wishing she were somewhere else. Using time-honored bondage-and-domination cues, Leia holds a riding crop between her teeth. she gets the crop in various places, including on her breasts as she kneels. Hot

The scene shifts to the kitchen where she crawls on the floor, bare bottom high, scrubbing, crop in her mouth. She spreads her legs to be played with. Lord Mathorn has a light white bondage rope and strings her up over a rafter in the kitchen, very very quickly, mastering her bondage with elegant loops and ties. No pause needed here to allow complicated bondage, as is often seen. The actual fastening process is always erotic and must necessarily be rapid. Mr. Strong rehearsed!

He gives her a hard spanking in this wonderful pose, then the crop. "I treat my servants like I treat my horses." Very British (and productive too). He pulls off her apron so she is totally nude and crops her, front and back. Although un-Victorian, Leia is shaved to "sphinx" standards. Her bottom, beautifully plumped in this tippy-toe, hands-over-head pose, is hard and round. Marston concludes with grabbing handfuls of buttock. Who could resist?

Although the punishments have been mild to moderate, Marchmont's TLC work is evident as usual; this would certainly be an interesting way to spend 15 or 20 minutes with a member of the staff before dinner. And the word would get out around the estate.

A Newgate Tale
Starring: Leia as the Maid
Karl Strong as Lord Malthorn
Running Time: 14 Mins for Newgate and 30 mins for The Way of a Man with A Maid
This film is two distinctly different pieces. The first piece is right out of the style of Bridwell female prison. It is essentially the caning of a sentenced convict. The second piece is one of domestic (servant) discipline. The lord of the manner punishes his maid.

Guest Review by MARS

A very brief exercise, every second is piquant. Set in London, 1895, a sweet-looking blonde is sent to Newgate Prison, where hellos and goodbyes are done with a cane. The girl begs her guard to be let off; he's a pervert, he makes her pee in a can in front of us, then "I''ll be back for your ride on the horse at 9 AM."

The blonde is convincing in a prison shift, shackles and chains, haired cropped, and a sad helpless countenance behind barred doors and a stting reasonably authentic, rather than a high school drama club cardboard set.

The guard checks his supply of canes and the "horse," yet another creative design entrant for the Museum of Spanking. It is a large barrel-shaped leather or cloth device, off the ground on a short pole, like a spring-loaded rocking horse in a playground. It is squat and wide, with knee postions to pull the girl's legs open as she lies forward as if she were a jockey.

The guard practices cane strokes, slashing the horse where the buttocks are going to be. The girl enters and watches fearfully as the guard whacks a few more preparatory cuts. The blonde is directed to pull off her shift and is left wearing a sort of bustier, but very erotic with no panties or bra. With resignation, she climbs into position, spreads her knees and lies forward for fastening.

Her ankles, knees, waist, small of back, and wrists are strapped down, and quickly, with less rattling and fanfare than some of MM's competitors. Very erotic again. We needed to slow down at this point. Her high bare bottom brightens the cell-like scene.

With a "Welcome to Newgate" announcement, the guard lays on 18 legitimate, full-swing strokes. The blonde begins to howl after three or four strokes; her bonds are just spaced and loose enough to allow her bottom to thrash and surge between strokes, adding measurable intensity to the caning. Perfect closeups; mean but not brutal red weals, and distinct unhappiness.

It only takes a few minutes and she is released with a "same when you leave" notice when her three-month sentence is up and her stripes will have faded.

Review by Katrina

A Newgate Tale

This is similar to another Marchmont picture, "Prison Canings" in that the caning is very severe, to a naked bottom, with no warm up, and to a bound girl in a prison setting. This piece is thirteen minutes long.

The poor girl, obviously from the lower class, has committed a very egregious offense and sentenced to three months hard labor. In addition, she is sentenced to be flogged (caned) upon arrival and exit to the prison.

She is locked up in a small hole in the wall type of a cell, secured in shackles. When she asks a warder to and how she can avoid the pain, he kicks a bucket to her. She empties her bladder into it while he goes to test the bench.

The bench secures the prisoner in a reclining position, with her legs dropped forward as if she was sitting on a chair. Straps near her hips bind her hands. A strap passes around her arms and over her back. In addition, there are two sets of straps to hold her legs splayed wide.

At the appointed hour, 9 o'clock, he escorts her to the punishment room. There, he removes her shackles and orders her to "get out of that dress." She removes the dress, leaving just the black corset. She climbed over the bench and he manacled her arms to the bench, secured her back and legs.

With "Welcome to Newgate", he lays the cane down harshly on her bottom. It lands full force, down the middle of her cheeks. This is over a "cold" bottom. There is no warm-up. It is the worst type of caning that you can experience. She started to take the caning well but by the second stroke started to squirm and writhe and pull against the restraints. By the fifth, she is beginning to clench her bottom cheeks and severely tug and pull on the restraints that are binding her. Her bottom is showing the effects. There are numerous red welts from the cane strokes visible.

When he unfastens the straps, you can obvious see the effects of the caning on her bottom. The nineteen red welt lines have turned a dark shade of blue as the criss-cross her bottom cheeks. Someone who knew how to use a cane laid them on energetically.

She can only weep on the bench when he reminds her that she will receive the same when she leaves the prison.

Oh yes; her crime that resulted in the punishment and the three months of hard labor; it was stealing ten shillings from her employer. That is about twenty cents. It is a hard life to be a member of the lower class in London at that time.

The Way of a Man with a Maid

This segment deals with the lord of the house punishing his maid for her inability to please him in her normal duties. It is a piece that shows her degraded and humiliated. It shows the absolute power that the man has over the woman. As such, it is a very powerful work. She is more than a submissive. She is his slave. If you watch it with that in mind, the film is excellent.

It opens with her, dressed only in a maid's apron and hat, polishing his boot. She does not seem to do it properly so he spanks her with his hand and crop, lightly while she kneels with her head down and bare bottom sticking up. It is obvious that he spanked her earlier from the existing marks.

Following that scene, still telling her that "perhaps the street is the place for her", he treats her to a slap across the face and a small amount of breast slapping. The entire time that he is punishing her, he is telling her "her behavior isn't good enough." Soon, it is a bit of fondling and then he uses the crop on her anus.

In the next scene, she is polishing the floor. Even that is not satisfactory. She is useless. While she polishes the floor, he uses his crop again on her backside. That is followed with a few slaps of his hand.

He then decides that she needs to be "on her toes" to help her work. Amazingly, there is a suitable cord in this well-stocked kitchen hung from a hook for this purpose. He roughly grabs her and ties her hands to one end of the cord. Pulling the other end, she is securely tied, hands high above her head, to the oven. "Now we will see how badly you can maintain the position in this household." He starts to slap her exposed bottom with his hand.

He treats his servants like he treats his horses. They all take the whip. With that statement, he strips the apron from her. Now she is naked. He uses the riding crop on various parts of her body; breast; arms; thighs; genitals; and finally her bottom.

When the film ends, he leaves her tied to the rope, as an example to the other girls.

This video is from the "darker" side of Marchmont. It delves into the harsher form of punishment and domination. The caning of the woman at Newgate prison is quite severe. It is very reminiscent of the earlier "Prison Caning" video. It is harsh. It is severe. It is very, very violent and strong.

The video of a way with a man with a maid deals with the more extreme form of submission. She is very much as a slave to her master. She is harshly treated as a result. The film is an excellent recounting of such relationships.

Overall, this is a good video. I did enjoy it. Some aspects well, do not quite suit me as a person. However, still, it is good. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to view a violent "prison style punishment" scene of the 1800s as well as to those who want to see what a master and slave relationship is like.

A Newgate Tail & The Way of A Man With A Maid

First Guest Review by Aldus W. Huckster

This production is one of the most powerful corporal punishment video presentations ever made. For me this is easily the best video of 2004. I absolutely fell in love with it from the start. This production is both dark and intensely erotic. This film is a work of art made by a courageous film maker, unflinching and unapologetic.

A Newgate Tail

We shall begin with "A Newgate Tail". This is a 13-minute vignette, and is probably one of the powerful thirteen minutes of CP erotica ever done. It is 1895 and we are present at the trial of a young girl from the expendable classes, Elizabeth Marie Shaw. Following a perfunctory hearing, the lost Miss Shaw was sentenced by an unfeeling Magistrate to three months hard labor at Newgate Prison for the "reprehensible crime of stealing 10 shillings form her employer". She was to be flogged on both arrival and departure from the prison. When we next see the condemned Miss Shaw, her hair has been shorn, she is in prison uniform, shackled, and behind bars. The Warder approaches the holding cell in which Elizabeth is being housed. She pleads with him, tearfully proclaiming her innocence. Rather than receiving sympathy from her jailer, he chastises the woman for having the temerity to speak without being spoken to. With sadistic relish he tells Elizabeth that he will be back to administer the caning to which she had been sentenced. Elizabeth inquires if there was a way that she may be spared her ordeal. The warder tells Elizabeth to lift her skirt and, with his lustful eyes upon her, makes the frightened girl piss into a bucket. A short time later we see him in the punishment area, picking out several canes, and trying them out on an ominous and rather elaborate leather caning bench. Elizabeth Shaw was then taken from her cell and led to the punishment room. The warder then unshackles her, makes her take off the prison uniform, and ties her to the bench, spread-eagled and stretched out. She is wearing nothing but a corset from which her breasts fall out from over the top. First he ties her hands, and then her feet to the bench. When the sadistic prison guard has his victim in position, he begins the caning by saying "welcome to Newgate". The caning is hard and had Elizabeth crying out for mercy after the first few strokes. He has no mercy in him and continues the beating until she is well striped and crying from the pain. When it is over, he unties her, and leads her out of the punishment room and back to her cell.

The Way of A Man With A Maid

The second tale is much longer, and much more sensuous in nature. It features Karl Strong (as Lord Malthorn), who we all know from previous Miss Marchmont films. For me he has always been the epitome of the staunch, strict, and heartless English disciplinarian. In this one he maintains that overall feeling, but somehow has interjected a degree of genuine "feeling" for his "victim", who is his maid. We open with the maid (as played by Leia) polishing her masters boots. She is wearing a Maid's outer garment and nothing underneath. Lord Malthourn is unhappy with the way she is polishing his boots, so her puts her over his knee, pushes her uniform out of the way, and begins to give her a hard hand spanking, and then gives her a thrashing with a riding crop. She is already well marked from the beating she had received earlier. While thrashing her with the crop, he runs the crop up and down her pubic area, pinches her ample bottom, and continues on with the hand spanking. All the time he is admonishing her and threatening to "throw her back in the gutter, where he had found her". Next he lowers the upper part of the uniform, exposing her breasts, slaps her face a few times, tweaks her nipples, and slaps her bare breasts. He makes her hold the crop in her mouth between her teeth and continues to spank her bare bottom with his hands. A little more work with the crop, and he is running his fingers up and down that area between her legs. Next scene we find the maid scrubbing the kitchen floor, and the master returns to punish her some more. Then the master strings her up to the kitchen ceiling, spanks her luscious bottom, and crops her breasts, pussy and bare bottom. Although the punishment is severe, and it is an extremely harsh punishment, somehow it comes off as sensual and in no way brutal. There appears to be a spark between the two of them that is undeniable. I have always enjoyed a spanking film more when it becomes erotic and sexual in nature, and this one certainly does that.

This video is another magnificent example of English Corporal Punishment videos, and the care, thought, and realism that goes into making them, and in particular the marvelous work turned out by the creative team at Miss Marchmont. The video quality and production values are excellent. The writing, directing, and yes, even the acting is superb, and the screenplay is creative and well researched.

I give this video a strong recommendation. I give this video a 9.9 out of 10. (I believe this is the highest rating that I have ever given).

Editors Note: This production is not currently available here in the US. It can be obtained in PAL format by mail order.
Miss Marchmont
PO Box 30665
London E1 0TF

Here's a better idea. Email Miss Marchmont at MissM@masterslodge.homechoice.co.uk and tell Victoria to release the video to the US market. There are five new releases from Miss Marchmont that are not available in the US. Two ( That'll Teach'em and A Newgate Tail) are all time classics.
David Pierson

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