New Uniform Discipline 1

52 Minutes
Review by MARS posted 10/22/10

Noted as a Paradox Production, always good news. Enlightened Health Care practices depicted here. Dr. Stenson likes to spank as a method of discipline, a fact known to the girls at his medical facility. Nurse Vordeman, a very pretty blonde, waits apprehensively to be called into Stenson's office--she knows what is coming. Stenson summons her, sitting at his computer. She has committed various infractions, including masturbating a male patient. "You realize you are only a student nurse here."

Stenson appears authentic in a white lab coat and a stethoscope, certainly appropriate for what he has in mind. The procedure will be "corporal discipline," which she needs explained. "It will involve taking off your knickers and baring your bottom." "Oh no, I can't do that."

Vordeman is taken OTK on the doctor's couch. Uniform up, handspanking on black panties. Her glorious bottom soars on his lap. He eases her knickers down to enjoy the sunrise. A closeup of her bottom--words fail us! He spanks selectively--this spot, that, like dabs from an oil painter. Overhead camera views show a fully engulfed red bottom--already!

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" she says on his lap. Maybe she can feel something. She kneels up on the couch for some crisp tawsing. Vordeman is directed to take her clothes off--this is after all a doctor's office--which she does slowly and with embarrassment, but keeping herself fully exposed to us. More tawsing naked on the couch, in just her stockings and student cap. Some body she has--she must be popular at happy hour.

Stenson positions a small stool for her to lean on for the cane. Beautiful obliques and angle views. "How old are you, Miss Vordeman?" "Twenty-one, sir." A good number, when you are the one holding the cane. He counts out 21 solid strokes, acutally a few more. Near the climax, he runs ice cubes over her buttocks and between her legs. The last half-dozen are full-power. She dresses to leave: "I'm really sorry. I don't want to be caned again."

The next part of this video involves a young student who claims to be sick. She too knows Stenson's reputation and is willing to literally bet her fanny she can pull this off. Jennifer Jenkins is a small, dark-complected brunette. Stenson finds no symptoms, so he simply stands Jenkins up, drops her panties, and takes her temperature rectally, done too fast and not realistically. This naughty erotic procedure should be drawn out and filmed by-the-numbers.

Stenson announces he will spank Jenkins. "I've discussed this with your mother." Handspanking on the couch is a struggle. (A poster product advertisement on the doctor's wall reads "Persistent relief from Pain Anywhere In The Body') "It hurts, stop."

"I want you to undress." Jennifer whines but keeps on unbuttoning. Naked but for knee socks, a youthful figure, ghost of fuzz between her thighs, more handspanking. Onto the couch for a sole-shaped studded paddle, which elicits little cries from Jennifer. She is a cute wiggler. After a brief session with the martinet, Stenson creams her bottom with both hands, slowly.

Jennifer is sore and unhappy. "I've heard in school you're pervert." "I'm a doctor." Hands-on-head, facing us, the camera pans carefully. He takes another brief faux rectal reading brfore he releases her and shouts "Next!"

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