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Nicky Montford - Prison Caning

12 Minutes
Reviewed by MARS posted 1/14/11

A short four-part sequence from FirmHand, about as fierce a caning as we need to see. CP queen-extraordinaire Nicky Monford, whose eyes look a little glazed in this performance, stands in a simple holding cell. She is brought out and stands in front of the bars.

A faceless male interrogator demands to know the whereabouts of the rest of her confederates. Nicky is not going to squeal, which sets up the scenario we need.

Segment 1: "Drop your jeans. Touch your toes." She receives six cane strokes, loud and fast, on a bottom only partially covered by her panties. Immediate stripes.

Segment 2: Since she won't talk, things will escalate. "Touch your toes." 12 rocking cane strokes in less than 10 seconds. Wheals brighten; she won't talk.

Segment 3: Panties down this time; touch-toes; another dozen full-force strokes in maybe 12 seconds.

Segment 4: "Touch your toes"; an unbelievable 24 more strokes, rapid-fire, the whippy cane leaving a big pattern of wheals wrapped around her right flank.

Segment 5: If you haven't had enough, she takes fifty more strokes; ferocious; her body is quivering and shaking; bloodflecks on her bottom moonscape.

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