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Nicky's Schooldays

Guest Review by an anonymous reviewer posted on 9/26/08

This video features the well known spanking model Nicky Montford.

Montford is great in the part, she`s your everyday girl next door who doesn`t half take a great whacking.

She stars as the senior schoolgirl in the usual SF&R format of cut-to-the-chase action, where the misdemeanour followed by the CP punishments come thick and fast, make the video great value I think.

She is soundly walloped with hand, slipper and cane for a variety of offences from turning up late, cheating, messing around in class, not handing in homework, etc, etc.

Overall there`s 8 misdemeanour scenes - 12 different CP scenes - 7 canings on bottom, 2 bare - 3 otk spankings, 2 hand, 1 paddle - 2 slipperings, and is of approx 20mins duration, and at 16.50 for the DVD and 14.00 for a download pretty good value I think.

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