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Volume 3: Nicole

Directed and Produced: Steve Trainer
Starring: Joseph Lewis
Review by: Aldus W. Huckster

This video really got to me. This young, beautiful girl really turned me on. I was so enthralled with her that I watched it twice in one sitting. I was still not sure why I was so obsessed by her. Puzzled by my reaction to the lovely Nicole, I decided that I needed a second opinion. I called a very old and dear friend and asked him to come over to my house to view this production from Far East Media. I really wanted his opinion. Now, I am not exaggerating. He got so hot, that he wanted to jump through the TV screen. He wouldn't leave until I agreed to lend it to him for a few days. He called his girlfriend before he left my house, and told her he was on the way to pick her up. Bet you can't guess why.

I think I finally figured out why I was so turned on by her. She is young, beautiful, charming, bubbly, and appears to be innocent as hell. What flies in the face of this description is the thing that gets you while watching the video. Joe begins to spank her, at first kind of lightly. As he continues on he heats it up, and almost the first shot you get of her from the rear, you can see that she is completely wet. The love juices seem to be pouring out of her. You will never convince me that she was not totally in the throes of ecstasy from the spanking. And the facial shots of her are just unbelievable. She is lying there showing these expressions that make you believe that she can't make up her mind whether she is experiencing pain or pleasure. You can tell from the secretion that it is pleasure.

Now, here is the reason I liked this video so much. For years I have been listening to people tell me that sometimes you have to experience pain before you can experience "true" pleasure, and this video shows that very well. I am pretty sure that that was not the reason everyone set out to make this video, but never the less that is exactly what comes through. And don't let anyone tell you that old "fishwives" tale that black women don't color up. Nicole colors up just beautifully, and almost from the start. She has a really cute ass, and once again, I am convinced that she was not acting. On top of all this we are treated to a very nice scene of Nicole using a very large toy on herself, and once again, you get to see the results of her pleasure. On the Spank-O-Meter this video is an 11 out of 10 Let me leave you with this thought: PLEASE COME BACK NICOLE!

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