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From The Headmaster's Study: The Nightmare

Lupus Pictures (2003)
Directed by Zbysek Podhajsky
Pavel Stastny as the Headmaster
Maxmilian Schubert as Mr. Kotatko, the Military Student
Tormans Elefemus as Krizik, the Inventor
Girls in order of their appearances:
Silvie Novotna, Katerina Tetova,
Aneta Horvathova, Andrea Kolarova, Ester Slaba
Story by Pavel Stastny and Thomas Marco
Czech with English Subtitles
Running Time 56 minutes
Reviewed by Ronald Scott

The Nightmare continues the high standard set in The Inspector, The Anarchy, and other releases in the Headmaster's Study series. Production values are uniformly excellent including costumes, set design, and video quality. And it continues the promising career of Katerina Tetova, the star of Lupus's Stalin release, as well as four other young beauties. As a bonus it includes a "nightmare" sequence in which Katerina dreams of a series of frightening and bizarre punishments at the hands of the Headmaster, the fine actor Pavel Stastny.

As the video opens, we find the Headmaster nervous as he remembers the unpleasant visit from the Inspector who was quite critical of his disciplinary abilities and procedures. Nonetheless, he proceeds to the matter at hand; a big-busted brunette is tied naked to the punishment apparatus and is ready (or not) to be caned. After five strokes a tone of desperation is heard in her voice; after 10 she begins crying. By the end, a nice pattern of red lines can be seen on her bottom.

However, the Headmaster has been drinking during the girl's punishment and continues drinking afterwards. And he has several flashbacks of the disturbing visit by the Inspector. He is obviously obsessed with it and tries to commit suicide by hanging himself from the light fixture. Luckily (for the Headmaster's fans), his secretary and mother rush in and save him. A beautiful schoolgirl, brunette Katerina Tetova, enters to be caned for some infraction. His mother tells her to return when the Headmaster has recovered. Two men from the hospital then arrive with a stretcher to carry the Headmaster away.

Next we see Katerina, with a very innocent look on her face, praying before bedtime. She goes to sleep hugging her doll. During the following dream sequence, the edges of the screen are fuzzy and the center is in focus creating an otherworldly atmosphere. First she sees herself tied to a cross and being bull-whipped by a smiling Headmaster. Next she is hanging upside down and screaming from a torment that is not quite seen. She awakes afraid and then returns to sleep.

Next the Headmaster's mother and secretary threaten her with various dire punishments. She awakes very frightened, sits up and prays "Almighty Christ, be merciful to me" while looking quite fetching in her lacy period nightgown. She returns to sleep crying and stroking her doll. Then the Headmaster is whipping her between the thighs in a brief sequence. She awakes again in terror and crying (see third photo below). The entire nightmare sequence is very well done, especially the acting by Katerina. Its impact is more frightening than erotic but the scenes of Katerina waking up trembling and sobbing have a nice erotic touch for this reviewer.

In the next scene, the Headmaster has recovered and is in his office with his injured arm (from falling from the lighting fixture) in a sling. He is with Krizik, an inventor enamored with the new electrical technology. The Headmaster proudly shows him a new punishment apparatus to bind unlucky girls to. Mr. Kotatko, a young military student, enters; he is to discipline the girls until the Headmaster's arm heals. He is very formal and military in his bearing.

Next four cute girls enter, a slim red head, a girl with black hair, Katerina, and a slim blond. All girls look down submissively. After reviewing their offences, they are sentenced to between 25 and 50 strokes each and the Headmaster orders them to undress. The red head questions the rules leading to their punishment and is sentenced to 10 more lashes for disobedience. As the young beauties take off their pretty dresses we get to watch. The black hair is wearing a chastity belt and the red hair shyly tries to cover herself with her hands. The Headmaster and Krizik casually discuss electrical technology while the four girls stand naked and ashamed with three men in the room. The inventor elaborates on ways to punish girls with electrical current and turns the blond around to show what he means; she is quite cute and totally humiliated. The thin ethereal (and disobedient) red head will be punished first; I can hardly wait! The military student will administer the caning.

After watching the first few strokes, the Headmaster directs him to hit harder and proceed more slowly, saying "Rhythm, rhythm and vehemence". The red head (and all the girls) must count the strokes. After 25 strokes she is sobbing constantly, and becomes quite desperate as she receives the 10 extra strokes.

The face shot during this sequence and the following punishments (except the black hair) are a bit hard to see as the girl's loose hair, tied on both sides of their faces, keeps getting in the way and the lighting on their faces is a bit dark. A better camera angle would have added to the erotic impact of these sequences. On the other hand, the constant backdrop of three naked frightened girls awaiting punishment or sobbing afterwards enhances the punishment scenes.

The black hair, who has a beautiful figure, is next; the side view of her bending over the table is quite stimulating. Although she faced her punishment bravely beforehand, she now cries out "Mommie, please save me". The sound of her cries is quite sensual and enhances the view of her anguished face. That the Headmaster coolly and scientifically instructs the military student how to make the caning worse for the sobbing girls adds to the eroticism of these scenes.

Now a new element is added. Krizik, the inventor, who adds some comic relief to this production, brings a Spencer paddle to the Headmaster; because of its holes, it is twice as effective Krizik points out. Next Katerina is tied to the punishment apparatus and will be the test subject for the new paddle. Her bottom rapidly reddens and after 8 strokes her voice, counting the strokes, becomes desperate with anguish. After more strokes she is no longer able to count. By the end, her bottom is beet-red and she is crying hysterically.

Next Cabinet Councilor Ehrlich, a friend of Krizik, enters. He refers to a family who is overly sympathetic to female concerns, not in vogue in the period portrayed in this video. Katerina bravely interrupts to say it is her family and defends her parents' attitude. Ehrlich then leaves, and the Headmaster assigns 5 more strokes to her for "embarrassing" our guest". She looks crestfallen and cries out and jerks after each stroke.

The cute blond has been looking apprehensive about her punishment and is now tied to the punishment apparatus for 55 cane strokes. She quickly starts crying and soon starts screaming hysterically. She has a slim delicate figure and can not put up with the severe punishment she is receiving. As the strokes continue we see a delicious view of her legs writhing, kicking up, and trying to escape from her bindings. After 25 strokes, she begs "Please, no more, please stop". After 5 or 10 more strokes the Headmaster ends the punishment.

The Headmaster congratulates Kotatko, the military student, on his performance as a helping hand, so to speak. (Perhaps we will see more of the handsome, hard-hitting student in a future release). The girls are told to leave and dress but first the poor girls must thank Mr. Kotatko for beating them. We get to see two erotic face close-ups of the anguished girls during this conversation. Kotatko replies "my pleasure, miss" to each one.

Although this production runs 56 minutes, a long time for a spanking video, you won't be bored. An excellent plot, five pretty young ladies with nothing on sobbing from their severe punishments, an exotic nightmare sequence and fine acting from all the male leads will keep your attention throughout. I rate this a 9 out of 10; had the camera work been improved it would have scored even higher.

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