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Nightmare on Kane Street

42 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/1/08

Here is an essentially B&D film which gets in a full measure of corporal punishment as its main theme, rather than the other bizarre sexual torments more commonly seen. Spanking is the centerpiece. A young blonde is kidnapped off the street by two ski-masked men, dragged to an empty warehouse, strung up by her hands, and stripped naked. Her jeans are tight, so it becomes a happy chore to wrestle them down and panties with them. The men put her high heels back on, a BDSM staple. There is little dialogue, so we don't know what the girl has done to deserve this treatment. It would be fun to imagine she has hassled some co-workers and this is payback.

There isn't much left to the imagination as the girl twists naked, arms pulled high, wrists manacled. sexy little gasps. She could scream, but she doesn't. She is gagged with a necktie, more symbolic than effective. One captor decides she is being difficult and announces a spanking is needed. He gives her a thorough handspanking, while the second man holds her still, her bottom facing us. One captor whips her with a doubled leather belt, hard but not cruel. She reddens nicely.

Scene fade--an always necessary event to permit time consuming repositioning and refastening. The girl has been tied nude to a common sawhorse and is being slippered British style. She is soon taken to a common chair and tied, tormented, pinched, and fondled, then left to fuss on camera BDSM style. One of the captors returns swishing a cane and pours beer over her.

Another scene change: strung up again, in a stappado position, not tight enough to cause extra discomfort, but sufficient to highlight the buttocks and hanging breasts. BDSM films covet this position. A masked captor canes her, quite hard, the first of 8 strokes actually draws a bit of blood. We're guessing he caned harder than they intended. She is left--"We'll be back whenever you want us."

In a shabby cellar--all the settings are depressing, wrecked, rubble-strewn rooms--the girl is strapped again, hard and loud with a leather strap, and nude as always. Later she is shown voluntarily going OTK for a lovely hard spanking, neither her arms or legs touching the ground. She has to balance herself and accept the punishment. She has accepted the authority of her captors. Then another whipping, strung up standing on a platform, providing an effective 360 degree camera exposure to her naked elevated body.

A captor carries her nude upstairs, sack-of-potatoes style for another tie-up in a chair, legs apart. she frees a hand and manages to masturbate in her excitement, as the captor watches fascinated through a peephole. Somehow she escapes, runs throughthe building totally naked but for glamorous white high heels clicking on the concrete, but is caught, bundled back, and strapped down on the sawhorse again.

An impressive caning follows, fast and slow, abour 25 strokes, with effective closeups of bruises and weals. A captor rubs lotion on her bottom and gets his fingers between her legs, which staddle the sawhorse.

At the conclusion, she is thrown into a dark room where she lies on a bed playing with herself and dreaming of her days of punishment. All in all, an entertaining video. we were spared the sily outfits, faux dungeons, and phony torment, with the punishment emphasis on the corporal side.

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