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Night Nurse/The Imposter 3

Time: 45 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 10/30/09

Continuation of this cosmically unimportant mystery. Blond Dublin O'Brien plays the mother and working nurse, Monica is her nubile insouciant nail-thin blond student daughter, and there is a father of the family, and the mystery female spanker.

Nurse Fisher has a night assignment and leaves Jenny (actress Monica), but only after finishing a colorful handspanking on her nifty red lace panties and on the bare, in repayment for the embarrassment with her boss the headmaster, depicted in part I. The minute she is gone, Jenny telephones a friend, who arrives and turns out to be the mystery female brunette "Claire" who inserted herself in the spanking goings-on in Parts I and II.

Maybe the mystery is clarifying, Jenny and Claire are acquainted and begin spanking each other for pleasure--using an assortment of paddles and straps, and working toward bare bottoms. Jenny has several canes and the birch in the next room too. The last cane, "a thick one," gains both girls' praise. And finally the girls birch each other, twisting the strands into a tight bundle between strokes. This instrument is painful, so they use it in moderation.

Jenny's father bursts in at this point. After all, this is a spanking household. The nurse-mother and Jenny are fully acquainted with the supply of spanking implements we have been seeing. He recognizes Claire as the very same imposter who visited his school as an administrator. "I thought you looked familiar." The scantily clad, hastily covered up girls claim they were just "messing around." "It's fun, isn't it," comments the father. Since this is just one big cluster-spank, he'll have his go now.

Jenny goes to the corner obediently and Claire goes OTK, then a bend-over, for spanking and paddling. Jenny feeds him instruments. On the bare, hands on a chair, Claire takes a long caning, 15 counted out, then another 10 because she muffed up. Jenny gets the birch, and Dad swipes her about 25 times, not really hard, but she twitches and you will itch as you watch.

Jenny's turn. "You, off with your knickers, over the chair." Direct to the cane, the elegant red knickers down. Jenny sniffles; mother, Nurse Fisher arrives. No one is ever surprised to walk in on a spanking in this household. They discuss who this mystery visitor "Claire" was, setting us in line for Part IV.

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