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No Appeals Procedure

44 minutes
Guest review by Collector posted on 4/3/08

Mischievious CalStar regular characters at it again; the actor "Brian," principal CalStar disciplinarian, plays Mr. Thompson, manager of a country inn, with apparently unfettered access to the bottoms of his female employees. Three young ladies have offended him, and they will be roasted in separate scenes.

Lesley is a buxom, downright chunky brunette, and not-so-glamorous by CalStar standards. She's muffing hotel reservations big time. She's to be caned, right here on the sunlit veranda, a solarium, one of the more creative CalStar sets. "You're going to take a caning right now, no appeals procedure." Assumes the position, skirt up, right to it! No warmup. 12 hard strokes--she screeches on the first stroke. Good facial shots, lots of "Yes, Mr.Thompson" 's. She rolls down a thong over large pale buttocks. Now there's how she got this part. Thompson always works his girls to nudity--Lesley takes off her jacket and blouse for "a few more decorations," 7 zinging strokes. Noticeable welts and tram lines, tears. Powerful stuff.

Thompson meets Judy in the reception hall. She's another chunky average brunette. He's heard she's providing "extra services" to the guests. "You're to be caned--no appeal." Over she goes, skirt up, white panties. Good thing no guests are passing through Reception in this next 10 minutes. 7 solid strokes, then panties down; then about 15 more. Judy is gasping, grasping, and whimpering. Thompson is demonic as he bears in. Lovely cuts and tram lines. Looks real to us and comparable to poor bottoms in more recent videos. Pro forma undressing--off with the skirt and blouse for the "last volley," then the "last six, " which are memorable. The cunning Thompson climbs on a chair so he can slash each buttock vertically.

And last, the "vegetable girl" is summoned to the library for some failures in the kitchen. Over a table, she takes a fast 12 and makes not a peep. "I can't get a murmur out of you." Thompson lays on another 15 (there must be repeats here). He is a little put off by her self-control: "I've met my match with you." This is one of the hardest canings we can recall on CalStar, and as close to a Rigid East result we can remember. High praise.

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