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A Week in a Noisy Household

Directed by: Zbysek Podhajsky
Story By: Pavel Stastny
Thomas J. Marco
Screenplay by: Pavel Stastny
Edited by: Petr Skrivaanek
Alexandra Wolf
Starring: Jitka Mala as Milada
Katelina Kurkova as Pavilina
Eva Nontna as Stana
Miroslav Pesa as Father
Jana Pesova as Mother
Jan Zlatousty as Real Father
Sara Roberts as Real Daughter

2nd Review by MARS posted on 12/17/10

Additional review. A domestic setting and three young girls, a spanking bonanza for an imaginative CP screenwriter. Parents of the girls seize every opportunity to discipline their bottoms. The father is shown typing fiction hunt-and-peck amidst the normal tumult of the household. A punishment chart is kept posted in the girls' bedroom, the same storyline as in "Cane On A Nail," but here there are three naked tushes which can be dealt with.

A little blonde, a brave Lupus regular, is the first to be spanked, bare skin, for horsing around and injuring her sister, playful stuff which wouldn't cost you your pants anywehre except at Lupus. Father smacks her bare bottom OTK.

Another daughter arrives home late and fearful, knowing this warrants another tickmark on her punishment chart. Harsh domestic times for young ladies--a daughter's schoolworkis poor--she must soak a pair of punishment panties and gets the belt over the dining room table, after the always entertaining bottomless soaking and pulling-on-wet scene in the bathroom.

The little blonde breaks a dish and gets the leather belt on the spot in the kitchen.

The oldest daughter pees in her pants trying to return home--her father took her housekey prvileges. She cleans up in the bathroom, the father rips away her towel and she gets the hairbrush over the tub.

A TV repairman appears and becomes a very interested voyeur to the spankings. He watches the father spank a daughter bare-bottom with a wood spoon for poor schoolwork and actually manages to stroke her bottom bruises. The little blonde must show her bottom to him, despite her pleas.

Stana, the brunette with the boyfriend on the doorstep in some scenes, is sent outside to cut some switches. She is directed to strip naked and gets down to a diaper, which she too wears because she is so nervous. She lies on her back on the couch, the mother peels off the diaper, her legs are taken up in the "diaper" position, for a short, fierce, wicked switching. She struggles and thrashes mightily under the onslaught, but the father pins her legs still enough to keep a her bottom a good target. She kneels naked at the conclusion, the camera holding on her striped buttocks. Great scene.

Now comes Saturday night, when the ticks on the punishment charts are tallied. The girls line up with their charts and will be caned one at a time. Each girl will strip naked in front of the family, bend over a chiar, and take the strokes she earned during the week. In frontier times, Saturday night was Bath Night. Different here.

The little blonde strips to just shoes, walks buck naked to pee in the bathroom, nicely filmed. She takes 19 faat, very hard strokes over the chair, then kneels in tears where we can study the results. The tall brunette strips, the camera goes to the bathroom with her, and she gets 26 strokes, her nude body quivering under the impact. She kneels. The third daughter gets 18 strokes, and soon all three kneel naked for a long, slow examination by the camera, where they must await dinner.

The father returns to his typewriter, contentedly nips a swig from a bottle in his desk, and is quite satisfied with his Saturday night.

Original Review by: Henry Lamont

The first thing I would like to do is tell all of you that are that it is a real honor to do a review for a Lupus Pictures Production. Without a doubt in my mind they are the best in depicting realistic discipline in the most creative of ways. They are also known for their very high production standards. I will have to write this review a little differently than my previous efforts because there is so much spanking in this superb production that it is impossible to keep up with all the action.

First off, this film featured a superb and attractive cast. There was not one moment that felt contrived. The sound and camera work was absolutely perfect with all very clear shots throughout the film. The first scene opens in the living room with the T V playing. The father is sitting at a table opening a beverage when his two youngest daughters walk in. They are slim and pretty. The blonde daughter exclaims upon entering the room "look what I have learned in gym class"! As the cute little blonde prepares to show off her gymnastic acumen she is admonished not to due to the lack of room. Despite the warning from her mother, the enthusiastic little gymnast executes her move and falls injuring her sister. She is grabbed by her father pulled over her his lap and given a few hand slaps with her shorts and panties pulled up between her cheeks. She says she needs to pee. Soon, she is back over his knee, her shorts and panties are pulled down revealing a glimpse of her womanhood. She gets quick, but hard hand spanking. The same girl is next seen in a bedroom looking at her bottom with a hand mirror. The next scene is an outside shot. The oldest of the three sisters was shown kissing her boyfriend on the street, near the family home. This action has not gone unnoticed by dear old dad. A bedroom scene follows with two girls looking at their demerits on a chart on the wall; they hear their father shouting and jump into bed. The father brings in the third daughter by the ear then tells her to wash herself and go to bed. He asks one girl in bed if her butt hurts. The next part I really liked, he asks them if they have washed themselves properly. He looks at their feet and hands and smells their breath. The next day finds the father typing at his desk, (with two fingers). The sets and furniture are perfect also, very professional. A kitchen scene follows with two of the girls washing dishes, father comes in and one of the girls talks back to him. The third daughter comes in with a bad report from school. Two of the daughters are at a desk talking about the bad report and saying they are doomed. Mother and father are sitting at the dining room table with the daughter that had the bad report sitting between them looking very distressed. Next comes a great part showing the mother going to a drawer and getting out a special pair of panties then handing them to the girl, there is a lot of suspense here! She reluctantly goes into the bathroom, like she has done this many times before, no words are spoken. This is one of the things that I like about Lupus; they know when to talk and when not to. Nothing can spoil a good erotic spanking like too much dialogue. She goes to the gorgeous, ornate bathroom and slowly strips from the waist down. This is scene is intensely erotic. There are not nearly enough bathroom scenes in spanking videos this reviewer thinks. A bathroom can be a very naughty place, with a lot of possible shameful things going on! The girl next wets the panties in the sink, then a very erotic shot of her putting them on. It is back out to the dining room table and over the table next. I have never seen a man take out his belt as fast as this father, he is a real professional. There are moderate hits over panties. The father complains that the panties are too dry and he instructs his naughty daughter to go wet them again. We are treated to another wonderful scene of her going through the previous process, just great! The camera shots are from the side and her long shirt covers her pretty well. It is back out to be bent over the table with the first few strokes of the belt on her wet panties. The panties don't stay up very long, now her mother is holding her down as she struggles to get free. Her father is really hitting hard now and she is trying to twist away. With her nicely marked bottom showing bright red she in made to kneel on the floor. The sound of breaking glass starts the next scene as a dish is broken in the kitchen. The blonde girl is trying to pick it up when in comes dad, the fastest belt in the Czech Republic. Father puts the girls head between his ankles as she is on her hands and knees on the floor. He grabs her by the shorts and panties and pulls them up between her cheeks like the last time. In the meantime the eldest daughter is locked out of the house and doing a little dance as she urgently has to pee. She is really frantic! When the girl is finally let in and the father sees she has wet her pants and says "cant you hold it!" " Is this normal?" The belting continues in the kitchen as the one girl washes up in the bathroom. This is a nice bathroom scene with good camera work. We never get to see much of the girl as she keeps her shirt on as she uses a flexible shower head to wash. She wraps a towel around her naked bottom as her father comes in. He picks up her thong panties and says "no wonder you can't hold it wearing these!" Suddenly, Dad pulls the towel off and bends her over the tub for a hairbrush spanking.

Later, Dad is back at the typewriter and now there is a T V repairman in the apartment. Next the brunette comes in and gets a dressing down from her father. The girl has got a bad report from school as her mother comes in. For me, this is the best scene in the film. The girl is ordered to bare herself to the visitor. The girl's reaction is absolutely perfect, shock and shame! She is bent over a chair with her naked butt high in the air as the camera shoots between her legs you can see her the distress on her face. This is a shot I would like to see more often as it gets you right into the mind of the girl. She is spanked with a wooden spoon. Her bottom is bruising nicely. The other Daughter is brought in and ordered to show the repairman her bottom. Her response is, "father it is not possible!" There is a wonderful look of shame on her lovely face. He forces her around and when she takes down her outer clothing she has a diaper on. Next we are at the dinner table eating, this is a great moment in the video as nobody is talking and music is used to build the suspense. One of the girls is ordered to the woods to cut a stick. Next she is ordered to strip; this is a really good slow strip scene. She turns around and tries to cover her breasts in modesty. She has a diaper on as she is ordered to lie on the couch on her back. Her mother takes off her diaper and holds her legs up over her head. She is being punished for going out with a boy. This is an intense scene of corporal punishment. Afterwards she is on the couch sobbing trying to cover herself.

The next day is time for the weekly accounting for the three sisters. Each one is made to strip and go pee in the sexy bathroom and is then caned over a chair. The camera is in a perfect place, looking between their legs to their faces. The facial expressions are PERFECT! The canings are all very short. Now they are made to kneel as the movie ends.

Now there is a totally different story. A man is shocked to hear his daughter's loud music in the living room. The daughter is clearly an aficionado of the punk rock scene. Her appearance is appropriately anarchic. He forces the bratty purveyor of chaos' pants down as she screams and kicks wildly. She is forced into a kneeling position as the father was beating her with a belt. He forces her to stand as he pulls all of her clothes off. She has a beautiful body. She is fighting all the time as he forces her over the arm of the couch. As the father spanked the young anarchist with his belt, She shouts ragefully "I will kill you, you son of a bitch!" Under the onslaught of the father's belt spanking the daughter's bottom has grown very red. Now put on her hands and knees on the floor with great between the legs camera shots, the beating continues with his hand. This entire segment is very, very intense! Finally she starts to submit and says she will behave. The movie fades out.

This production is a must see for all fans of intense, hard hitting spanking action.


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