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No Mercy

17 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/10/09

The short format, one-room scene module from CalStar, familiar characters, and the usual acclerated plotline to develop the reason for a spanking. School official Mrs. Bennett visits actor Micaehl Dawes at his home. He is angry his daughter has been caned at school. He checked her bottom. Do all parents do this, every day? Mrs. Bennett, a mature blonde with a masculine hairstyle, accepts some guilt. Michael wants to cane her.

She carries implements in her car. "Go and get it. I'm going to cane you...I'm going to cane you across the kitchen sink." Bennett is OK with this--"It's only right." Michael responds with what we are thinking. "I can't believe how willing you are." Bennett undresses in the kitchen--coat off, jeans off. If she was wearing panties, we missed them. Michael: "I'm going to enjoy these reparations."

Bennett willingly bends over the counter--you've seen a few nubile bottoms in this kitchen before. She takes about 15 strokes; although she started out submissive and compliant, she jumps at the first stroke, collapses on the floor in pain, and has to be coaxed back into position. She jumps, wiggles, wails, and evades after each of the first five strokes, in a realistic reaction to what the cane must actually feel like. " God." She settles in place at the 6th stroke, making repeat strokes easier to film. Michael does throw n one high stroke--ouch!

He does hs fingertip fondling. "That's roughly the shape of my daughter's ass." He lectures Mrs. Bennett to concentrate in future on her teaching, because his next caning will be even harder. He applies some cream to her seared bottom, which pleases both of them and he retains her cane, for that next time.

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