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No Option

Starring: Amy Denison
Denise Daniels
Reviewed by: Eric Blair- Brown

Firm Hands Production tries to use different styles and techniques to produce a quality spanking video. From slow motion, to a slide show of still images, to showing the same spanking from a different angle.... and they also have some of the best-looking and unique girls in the business. Amy Denison plays an 18-year-old student on a school trip to the theatre. A teacher, played by Denise Daniels, chastises the teenage girl for smoking and wearing improper clothing. She takes Amy to a private area and tells the girl to assume the position. Amy refuses, claiming she is 18 and an adult. Daniels counters by saying she is still a student and is subject to school discipline. With that, Amy grabs her ankles as the teacher pulls up the girl's skirt and gives the brat ten hard whacks. After a sarcastic remark from the teenager, Amy is ordered to see the teacher later in the day. Amy is given the choice of a trip to see the principal and his paddle, which could also include being suspended, or receiving an unofficial spanking by Daniels. The indignant teen chooses the spanking. The girl is hand spanked over her jeans. The teacher then orders Amy to remove her pants. The brat returns over the woman's knee for a blistering punishment. Amy stays perfectly still during her punishment. Refusing to give the spanker the satisfaction of a reaction. But the teenager's face tells the story. The girl grimaces and seems to be close to tears. Amy is ordered to stand up and face the wall. The girl then makes two more trips over the teacher's knee. Just when she thinks her punishment is over, Amy is bent over a chair and given a series of swats with the leather paddle. After 40 painful whacks, the girl is excused.

The next day, Amy skips a detention with Daniels to attend the drama club. When she finds the teen, she gives her the option of being removed from the theater group or receiving more corporal punishment. The girl returns to the teacher room, This time, she's dressed like a little schoolgirl saying, "If you're going to treat me like a child, I guess I should dress the part". Daniels tells the brat to remove her skirt for a date with the strap. Dressed only in shirt and thong panties, Amy's poor bottom is subjected to a severe strapping. Later that day, Daniels and Denision meet with the Principal. Amy complains about her painful posterior and the principal excuses the girl and confronts the teacher. As Amy leaves the room, the teacher is told to keep her job, she must agree to be spanked. The principal, whose face is never shown, drags Daniels over his knee. With her pants removed, the teacher is hand spanked, hit with the leather paddle and endures the leather strap. During the punishment session, Amy is standing outside the door, enjoying every second of Daniel's comeuppance. To end the punishment, the principal gives the teacher a series of swats with "The Board". While Amy is happy with the turn of events, her joy is short lived. Denison is sent to the principal to receive 5 whacks with the infamous "Board". As she grabs her ankles, the teen's jean covered bottom is seared by thick school paddle. There is no hiding the fact that this punishment gets to the seat of the problem. Amy hates ever second her "Board" meeting. The event is shown from two different angles. A beautiful shot of Amy's bottom and a front angle showing the pain on the girl's face. It's even shown in slow motion. After the fifth whack, Amy stands straight up and grabs her abused bottom. In typical Denision fashion, she turns to the principal and sarcastically asks, " Do you think you could make it any harder?"

Just as in the film, "Back on Track", there is no frontal nudity. Thong panties cover the women. I have no problem with that. The girls' athletic behinds are worth the price of the tape. I would like to see a little more reaction by the women. I prefer a little physical and verbal reaction by the spanked party. I'm quickly becoming a fan of Firm Hand Productions. Technically, they may be the best in the business. The audio and video quality is top notch. Using a real theater as a backdrop is a great touch. The spankings are hard and realistic. The scenarios are as good as any spanking video. But the real selling point of the video is the girls, especially Amy Denision. She's a pretty kid. She adds a fresh, new slant to the bratty teen. Denison comes off as a bright, playful and likable young woman. She also has a fresh mouth. Some of her comments could make an anti-spanking activist want to paddle her fanny. At the end of the film, a series of out-takes and interviews show just how painful the punishment was for Amy. Firm Hand Productions plans to release a new video every month. I'm looking forward to see how this company evolves. So far they're doing a great job.

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