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Not in Front of Her

time: 50 Minutes
year: 1997
Guest Review by Mars 4/10/09

Ivor Gold at Red Stripe took schoolgirl discipline to elegant heights, perfecting Roue and CalStar's rough imaginative edges without diminishing their naughty eroticism. This film may be the most perfect schoolgirl spanking we ourselves have seen to date--detailed costumes, careful classroom sets, pretty innocent plausible girls, excellent sound and lighting, intimate camera angles, firm spankings, dialogue you'd expect from someone whose pants are taken down, and of course Miss Brown, the most entertaining female disciplinarian we know. We will seek to review more of her work.

Headgirl Philippa barges into Miss Brown's classroom with fellow student Joanne, who she has caught off-campus. It seems Philippa herself was caned just last week; Miss Brown has had "enough of your cheek," she says, and is going to punish both girls. From the gleam in her eye, it would seem unlikely that she can ever get enough cheek.

Philippa is shocked to discover she is going to be spanked first. "If you are going to punish me, can't you send her out of the room?' The Headgirl goes OTK and Miss Brown pulls down her white panties at the outset. We nominate Miss Brown as the best puller-down-of-knickers in the trade. She knows it is the quintessential moment. She uses two hands and does it with agonizing delay. Hard, fast lefty handspanks generate gasps. Joanne has been cornered but peeks with some glee. She should know better. The Headgirl is a tall, lovely brunette, with a strong-looking bottom, which should survive this test.

Philippa's bottom becomes fully red, getting full-screen coverage. She counts out the last 12 handspanks in "Thank you, Miss" fashion. When she stands she pulls her pants up. We all know you need permission to do that. So, "Hand over your skirt." Miss B. spanks her some more, back on the bare,while she faces us, in all her natural glory. Philippa mutters "Bitch." Getting Miss Brown riled has always had its benefits for us viewers. "Put your hands on your head."

Over the desk, panties up and then teased down again, for a gasping conversation with the Lochbelly tawse. Miss Brown really leans in. "Oh, Miss, ooh." Philippa has to rub, so she gets her palms strapped.

"Joanne, fetch me the cane." To Philippa, "Go and bend over the chair. NOW." It was 12 strokes last week, but "this time 18." Panties inched down again. Legs open, knees locked, face almost touching the chair, every detail of this posture choreographed, for 19 strokes because she didn't count. Closeups show hand-marks, strap-marks, and cane stripes, in profusion. She must touch her toes at 10 strokes, the most stirring position imaginable. And a rapid-fire breath-taking six, what Ed Lee at Nu-West called "whipping-in." Glorious view. Rubbing, sniffles, and quite an impression.

"Joanne!" Sweet apprehensive glances from a very scholastic-looking brunette. OTK, white pants down. "Does it have to be so hard, Miss?" She counts out her last twelve. "Stand up." Over the chair for more handspanking. Naively, "Is that it, Miss?" Here comes the Lochbelly. 9 full-bodied swings, as if Miss Brown were using a #1 Wood on the par 5 14th. Rubbing, palms strapped. 9 more over the chair. Miss Brown shifts to another tawse for a dozen more.

Joanne has been smirking at the blackboard, but this is no joke now. The cane. "Count these for me." "Yes, Miss." 9 bent over the chair, 9 touching toes. Done? No. "This is all your fault, Joanne. Bend over the chair for 12 more." "I can't." "Yes, you can." 12 of the best, then a slow sensual feel-up by Miss Brown. The last 6 sizzlers.

Two naked striped bottoms at the blackboard. Miss Brown slowly replaces both panties' while the camera checks up her skirt. The girls are sent off sniffling, and Miss Brown has a most contented look on her face.

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