Now That's What I Call A Spanking, Volume II

Review by Eric Blair-Brown

One of my closest friends absolutely abhors greatest hits albums. He says that the original album is art and greatest hits compilations destroy the intention of the artist. My father didn't like sports highlight programs. He claimed that you couldn't get a feel for the game by merely watching the scoring plays. Paradox Adult Filmed Entertainment has just released their greatest hits (sorry) compilation. ' Now That's What I Call A Spanking: Vol. II' (was there a volume I?) is a terrifically entertaining and highly erotic production. This compilation video contains full scenes of CP rather than short spanking snippets. While they don't show you the entire event, each segment stands on its own. If you compare a spanking video to a Broadway play, this video contains the best acts from Paradox's best productions.

For those who like over the knee spanking videos this is the video for you. This compilation production features several lovely young ladies having their bottoms punished for our enjoyment. You will see the severe punishments of English schoolgirls, maids, schoolteachers and housewives.

The first chastisement featured on this excellent video is a complete story of domestic discipline. An attractive young couple who were featured in Paradox's film 'New Domestic Discipline' are back. The husband takes his lovely young bride across his knee for being lazy and incompetent in the kitchen. This spanking is long and painful. (Word of warning: turn the sound down on your television when you view this section of the video. The young woman in this video shouts loudly while she is being punished. I neglected to turn down the volume. My ears started to bleed.) The irate husband uses his hand and a leather paddle on his wife's attractive bottom. Of course it's not a proper English chastisement without the use of the cane. Our happy homemaker has to endure an intense session with the rod.

The rest of the tape contains a variety of spanking scenarios. Some of my favorite segments include the punishment of a maid for breaking a precious antique, a teacher spanked by an irate father and a doctor spanking a schoolgirl for faking illness.

For those of you who like a variety of punishment positions and implements you have not been neglected. The birch, cane; tawse and paddle are all utilized in the punishment of naughty, but attractive young women.

There is an old adage the goes " you can't please everyone'. I think that Paradox has proven that aphorism wrong. There is plenty here to enjoy for all fans of CP video erotica. This production is a treat that should not be avoided.

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