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Nurse Part 2

15 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 4/18/08

A shorty, and probably just a tape filler, but the premise is cunning enough to spend a few words.

Who's not an advocate of wayward nurses having to put their own bottoms on the line for a change? Miss Deitch is a nurse supervisor in her bizarre office; she lights candles in anticipation of disciplining Miss Watts, who shortly appears, having committed a bunch of infractions. She's a long-legged blonde, promising us much, soon confirmed.

She's been warned about the cane, it seems, and so does not baulk at pulling up her uniform to show black panties and garter belt/stockings. Deitch presses on (we've only got 15 minutes) and lays 15 strokes on the panties, which are then lowered with a flourish, for 40 strokes on the bare. Lots of repeats, several angles, but "ouch" puts its mildly, and it's short, sharp, and impressive. There are other video parts to "Nurse," probably more nurse-instruction.

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