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Nurses Caning 3

11 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/9/09

We reviewed Part II and like the idea of nailing a nurse once in a while. Here, nurse supervisor Miss Deitsch is swept up herself, in her bizarre candle-decorated office. Actor Micael Dawes has caught her caning the girls "with my cane." Well, there are "going to be reparations." Deitsch must bend over her altar-like candlelit table, skirt up, gray panties on parade.

Dawes demands "total silence" and goes to work with the cane on the gray knickers. After six strokes, he pulls down the pants and she jumps up, but thinks better of it and resumes the position. 7 more solid zingers. "That really hurts, sir." She gets 13 more before reparations are accomplished. They argue about who gets to keep the cane for its next use. We would suggest Dietsch get her own cane, then they can both jump the incompetent nurses without conflict.

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