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Nursing Her Bottom

Moonglow N-4
Time:45 minutes

We open on a couple having a hard hump in the back seat of a car; when our lady, a curly-haired maturing package of promising curves, gets home late from her back-seat assignation, her husband needed the car and angrily rushes off. She then takes a slow shower and we get a nice extended view, with emphasis on the bottom. We were right about the body. I like these nice tension-building shower scenes featuring soon-to-be spanked bottoms. There are some good ones. Don't be so impatient! She then dresses for work in a nurse's uniform; her bra is one of those which you'd expect to groan under the work it has to do.

Her husband returns home with a bag-full of spanking implements (he didn't go to Wal-Mart!). He holds up a cane. "You know what this is for? You've been having sex in my car." She protests, of course, but is quickly OTK for a mild handspanking, eventually on the bare. It's gentle. From the bag he pulls out a crop, then a studded paddle, but this great bottom can and will take a lot more. She's made to lay over a chair for some unmemorable strokes with a soft martinet, but least we get to see the best she has to offer. Next, it's kneeling on a chair for a hard wood paddle and more great winks. Some cropping, some tawsing. Off with her dress and her bra! Now, we know she's a nurse and used to such sights, but we're not! Finally comes the fiberglass cane, about 20 strokes, moderate, but lines apear and definite progress has been made with all this moderate attention to her tush. Her husband takes her back OTK for some cold cream, then she's off to work.

Wouldn't you know it? She late for work; her female supervisor Sister at the hospital nabs her and has that look in her eye we know and love. "Take off that uniform. You're a disgrace to it!" This Sister comes to work with paddles in her briefcase. Nurse leans, naked but for a bra and thong, hands against the wall, a position I admire. Some soft paddle, a stiffer leather paddle, and then a sole, which makes a noisy impression. Sister is fondling her through the thong as she slaps and our nurse seems to have passed into a new sensual frontier. Off comes the thong and we have a closeup of some real frigging---nurse is almost standing on Sister's working finger. There seems to occur a possibly post-orgasmic tantrum, which gets our nurse put kneeling on a chair for the rattan cane, 6 or so hard strokes, the best yet. The camera catches good angles in these sequences.

Moonglow's intensity is moderate; sets are good; acting is choppy and occasionally humorous; but they pay attention to the right stuff and we encourage them to keep it up.

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