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This is part 2 of a 3 part series. Again, women are sent to this correction facility to be punished rather than face jail time. The matron is the same lady we saw in Part 1, but for one offender she is accompanied by a male supervisor of sorts. More on that later. The video opens up with a black woman being brought in for punishment. She has long black hair and is wearing civilian clothes. Our matron is filling out the offender report and dawning her latex gloves while a nurse checks our offender's blood pressure. The offender is made to strip naked and then put on a pair of white panties. The nurse will continue doing a medical exam for a short bit and then the offender will dawn the "Offender Robe", or apron as I like to call it. The offender likes to make comments to the matron, so she is told to be quiet somewhat frequently. She is shown the various instruments that will be used on her behind and then taken away to a holding cell. The first two offenders switch scenes a few times.
The next offender is brought in. She is a cutie with brown hair that is at collar length. She is first shown holding a sign that says "I have an attitude problem". Enter the guy. This fellow is dressed in a shirt/tie and has a white lab coat on. I would guess he is some type of regional supervisor or director. He has a clip board and takes notes. He appears to be rating the matron, for perhaps a review or promotion. The offender is wearing a skirt and the matron has her bend over and sticks her hand down this girl's panties. She gave her a quick rectum exam (only see this from the front) and then notes the offender has a belly ring. She is told that will have to come off for her safety. Then our offender is made to strip naked and then dawn the white panties and offender apron. The matron sits down and has the offender lay across her lap. She is given a hand spanking over the panties. The man with the clipboard asks our matron to speed up the slaps, as he has a busy schedule with other facilities to visit today. The spanking continues and the offender is then made to take down her panties, where the matron then begins the bare bottom spanking. She is moving at a pretty good clip, which pleases our supervisor. He notes that she has good rhythm. After a bit, the matron starts to tire and our supervisor guy takes over. The matron actually looks a little unhappy, maybe she feels she won't get a good review now. The offender was better off with the matron, as this guy really nails her behind. Full swing slaps, first on the panties, then on the bare. Some pretty good angles in this scene as well as some good scolding from our supervisor to the offender.
Our offender is now bent over a desk, where she will be whipped. First she gets 10 hard lashes over the panties, delivered by the matron. The supervisor is very pleased with the performance of our matron now. The panties come down and another 30 lashes from the whip. She really lays it on and again, our supervisor is very pleased. The offender keeps getting up, instead of staying down over the table, which really annoys the supervisor. He instructs the matron do deliver an extra 5 lashes. The supervisor tells the matron how well she did and excuses her. He informs the offender that he will issue her a severe canning, later on that day. She is sent to a holding cell until he returns.
Back to the black lady. The matron takes a seat and lays the offender over her lap. We see a brief shot of the offender holding a sign that says "I lie, steal, and cheat". We then go back to the spanking, where the panties have already been lowered and the matron is delivering a stinging spanking. The offender is a bit vocal and tries to get up a few times during the spanking. She is now crying as the spanking finishes and is made to bend over a stool. The matron delivers 6 strokes with the cane. She waits a bit in between each stroke, to let the pain set in. The matron really cracks me up. She whips that cane around all the time. She zips it around like Zoro. Anyway, the scene ends with our offender promising she won't do these deeds again and will have to be sent back for another punishment session.
Back to our brown haired offender. The guy has his cane ready as the offender is standing with her hand on top of her head. She is then bent over a stool and give 7 strokes with the cane. He too waits a bit in between each stroke. She is then made to remove the apron and lower her panties. He then delivers another 13 strokes, for 20 all together. Pretty good scene. Many of the strokes are shown from the front, so you see the offender's expressions and see her from the front when she jumps up after a stroke. She also makes some faces at the guy (obviously he doesn't notice) that are pretty funny. The scene ends with her holding a sign that says "I used to have an attitude problem".
The last offender for this tape is a Spanish or maybe Philipino girl with long black hair. She is really cut and has a small body and bum. She apparently is soaking off the government and is an illegal alien. She doesn't get the apron, only the white panties. The matron takes her seat and brings the offender over her knee and issues her a pretty sound spanking over the panties and bare butt. This one is a rather vocal girl, yelling out a lot of ouches, ect. She is then bent over the desk for a short spanking before being made to stand on a step ladder. I thought that was different, never saw anyone get spanked on a step ladder before. She is then whipped over the panties first, then the bare. Probably a good 40 lashes, so a pretty decent punishment. Again, very verbal. Finally, she is made to hold up a sign that says "I sponge from the U.K. taxpayers" and promises to go back to her country and that if she should return to England, she won't sponge off the taxpayers again. This, like the first one, was a really well done video. I enjoyed it and liked the interjections of humor that were added in. The video and sound quality are both average and the tape runs around an hour.

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