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This is the final part of the 3 part Offender Correction series. The scenario is the same, women are sent to this facility to be punished for various infractions rather than face jail time. The Matron in the first part of the video is the same woman that was in the previous two tapes. She is wearing her latex gloves and is ready for business. This tape features two women that will be punished. First, we meet a woman that is I'd say in her thirties with redish brown hair that is around collar length. She is a tennis table champion that has abused her rights by selling steroids to her colleagues. After some dialogue, she is made to strip from her clothes and put on the punishment apron and white panties that we have become accustomed to with this series.
Once in the outfit, she is made to go over the matron's knee and is given a lengthy hand spanking over the panties. She does some moaning and owing, but the matron seems to be unimpressed. Next the panties get lowered and another lengthy hand spanking, this time on the bare. Some decent camera angles, including facial shots. Once the hand spanking is complete, it's on to the ping pong paddle. Our offender is made to kneel on a chair and lean over a desk. She is given roughly 60 swats on the bare bottom with the ping pong paddle. Since our naughty lady is a table tennis champion, she is given the swats with her own paddle. Corny, maybe, but I thought it was a cute touch. After the swats, we switch to see our champion standing with the apron on holding a sign that states "I cheat at sport by using illegal drugs". She is then made to remove the apron and run in place with just her panties on. Shortly there after, she is made to remove the panties and jog in place naked. She is also made to do some jumping jacks. Finally, she is placed over a stool and given 7 strokes of the cane on her bare bottom.
Part 2 features a different matron. Don't know why they changed now, since it was the same lady for the first two parts and half of the third. This matron is rather cute and it's a shame we didn't get to see her bare her bottom. The offender for this section is a petite and cute girl with dirty blonde hair that goes down just past her collar. She was caught shop lifting five times. This really seems to annoy the matron, as she informs her that prices go up because of her shop lifting and everyone has to suffer. The offender was really good, very quiet and did a lot of twidling of the thumbs. When spoked to, her answers were always very soft. No gloves are worn by this matron, I guess she didn't need them. The offender is made to leave the room and then return in the apron and panties, so we don't get to see her change.
The first punishment is the usual over the knee hand spanking. She is given a fairly lengthy one over the panties. Our offender tries to block a few of the swats by reaching back, which only annoys the matron. Then, the panties come down and she is given a lengthy bare bottom spanking. Then, the matron reaches back for a small leather strap type paddle. The matron dishes out 10 swats with this and we get a little more of a verbal response from our offender here than the hand spanking. We then cut to find our offender bent over a saw horse type device. The matron has a whip type strap and had plans of dishing out some serious punishment. The panties come down and the matron issues somewhere around 60 lashes with the strap. The camera flips back and forth between the rear view and the facial view. The verbal response picks up a bit during this punishment. The punishment ends with 12 strokes of the cane on the bare. The tape ends with our offender holding up a sign that states "I lie, steal, and cheat". She then puts the sign down, removes the socks and panties and leaves the set. I thought the tape was very good, as was the whole series. The quality of the video and audio is average and the running time is roughly an hour.

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