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Officer, but not a Gentleman

44 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 5/16/08

Different format from CalStar and does not feel like an original production of the entity we frequently admire, so we limit our praise here, except for a few moments. There isn't any scenery or setting, just a flat dark backdrop and harsh lighting, reminiscent of the early JANUS films.

A very attractive brunette stands with her arms stretched over her head, hanging onto something out of sight. She is in the "discipline room" at her place of employment, and she's in the clutches of the company discipline officer, who on this day will indeed not be a gentleman. He tucks up her skirt to see her bottom, which is apparently what she tries to do around the office. She does have a beautiful bottom, totally bare but for a thong. The principal saving grace of this weak video is that this splendid bare tush will occupy most of the screen for the full 44 minutes.

She is spanked slowly, in various positions, not hard, over the course of the video. First she kneels on a chair, followed by a lengthy but sensual application of cold cream, then toe-touching for more spanking. She must remove her dress at this point, and the correction officer feigns displeasure that she is not wearing a bra. Some OTK, more cream, thong off, down to just stockings.

More handspanking; she turns to face us and is clearly proud of the little mohawk she maintains. The Discipline Officer: "Ready for phase 2?" She steps out of her thong with some charm and is spanked on the on the thighs. We guess she won't tell the girls in the office about phase 2. Some more cream and that's all there is.

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