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Olympic Correction Unit

year of production: 1996
Length:58 min

A good premise--spanking lazy female athletes, but our spanker is either a wussy or the girls weren't willing enough. For sure, he missed the spanking-technique class.

Three girls are phoned in as poor trainers to a Stefanopulous-look alike, the Corrections Officer. The first two, brunette #1 (Clarke) and a curvy butch-cut brunette report to the CO and giggle through silly test calisthenics. Hard-driving forced PT in a spanking video is a good setup, but it doesn't score here. Both girls are then spanked OTK while retaining their shorts. The third girl, a blonde, reports later and we have to watch the same PT test again, which earns the same disapproval and OTK also--but she does lose her shorts.

The three then stand at the barre and are treated to a black leather paddle, with shorts down. Al last, something stings! How are we going to motivate these slackers? Finally, all three strip nude. This is a good scene--three impressive bare bodies before the barre. Clarke has some assets; and we can see that shaving and tattoos had arrived in England.

The CO fetches the cane. OK, now! The film director agrees with us, because Clarke is first up. The CO gives her about 12 slow, firm strokes, which generate quality heavy sighs and gasps, while she is bent nude at the barre. Maybe the director spoke to our CO at a break, because he is much more aggressive in this phase. He stings the girls impressively with short snappy strokes without doing any damage to the landscape. Blondie is next--she gets 14 strokes. CO elicits some sexy flinches with false strokes. Last is the solid and curvy butch-brunette, who must bend over the leg-lift machine for 14 zingers; she grunts and gasps in her own way. I like exercise equipment put to use in the punishment process.
An average production; the caning is the best---rational and realistic

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