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On The Take

year: 1992
34 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 6/4/10

Not too clever a plot--a uniformed police officer picks two call girls off the street and offers them a choice of spankings or a trip to the station house. The police officer is a handsome plausible actor we haven't seen before; he takes the girls back to their apartment.

Under their coats, the two blond girls are dressed as you would expect--bra, garters with stockings, and micro skirts. The girls are a bit surprised at the officer's bravado, but not at the choice of a spanking. "We've got quite a few clients like that." This is England.

Julie volunteers to go first, OTK. The spanking is slow and steady, skirt up, then pants down. She wouldn't be a bad hire. Gail, a blonde with longer hair, takes this phase next. Gold panties last very briefly; the spankings are on the mild side. The police officer aptly observes: "Two lovely asses."

Julie finds a strap in their apartment and hands its over. She has pulled her pants back up but they come down again when she kneels up on the couch for a mild dose of the strap.

The officer makes the girls place bottoms side-by-side for the strap. They seems vaguely amused through all this. Their little "ow's" and cries are not convincing.

Now the officer goes rummaging and soon finds a cane. After some coy repartee about what a cane is for and why he found one, he tells the girls to take off all their clothes. This is an entertaining segment, except one girl blocks our view of the other. Needed two cameras.

Back up on the couch--two sweet naked young ladies. Julie is caned first--12 strokes, while Gail kneels nude to hold her still in her bent-over posture. Gail gets her twelve strokes. The girls giggle through this, flashing soft little black frontal patches. There is some on-set whispering when a cane stroke hurts more than they were expecting.

Enough for today. The officer will be back next week.

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