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OTK Punishments

Directed, written and conceived by: Mr. "M"
Ms. "J"
Lady "D"
Staring: Lady "D"
Mr. "M"
Review by: David Pierson

In the past few months, Films has released three rather intense videos. This trilogy of intensity started with the now legendary 'Southern Strapings'. (You are only allowed to watch this film if you can obtain written approval from your physician.) This was followed by ' Jennifer's Punishments II'. (You can only obtain this film with written approval from Jennifer's Physician) Now, from the spanking studio that has made Denver, Colorado famous comes ' Otk Punishments'. There should be a warning affixed to this cassette, that watching all three films back to back may kill you.

'OTK Punishments' is another smashing success for the leader of the new wave movement in spanking video erotica. From the first scene to the last, the viewer is treated to intense and creatively constructed spanking vignettes. It is all so very erotic.

Scene I: Lyndsey's Over The Knee Punishment
Featuring: Lady "D" and Lyndsey

It was the end of another day and young Lyndsey was dressed in her nightgown, lounging in bed. To look at this attractive young woman you would have thought that this was the end to a perfectly ordinary day. In reality, the conclusion to Lyndsey's day would prove to be anything but ordinary. Lyndsey was aware of the approaching storm, but she was doing her best to keep it from her mind. Her external calm belied the terror that she felt in the pit of her stomach. Perhaps she was trying to convince herself that her ordeal " Won't be that bad." She felt as one does while awaiting for an intense tropical storm to come ashore. Before long, this hurricane arrived at Lydsey's door in the form of the lovely Lady "D". Upon entering Lyndsey's room, Lady "D" instructed the frightened young girl to remove her nightgown. " Take off that won't be needing it!" commanded Lady "D". This left Lyndsey naked and more vulnerable. Soon Lyndsey was over Lady D's lap and her bottom felt as if the forces of nature had been unleashed upon it. The woman, who put the FU in fun, was spanking her very hard and very fast. Lyndsey attempted to maintain her composure but under the severity of her punishment, groans became squeals, squeals become sobs. Her bottom was becoming red, white and bruised. ( Lyndsey has always been very patriotic.)

Lyndsey's punishment was concluded with several hard whacks from the small paddle. Each blow elicited a shriek and a flow of tears.

After her punishment was concluded, etched upon Lyndsey's pretty face was the pain and humiliation that had been delivered by the storm known as Lady "D". I guess you can tell that I liked that scene, huh?

Scene II: 'Misty: Punished in the Dean's Office'
Featuring: Lady "D"
The voice of Mr. "M"
And Misty

It seems that the petite girl with the tattoos had been causing trouble in class. Now I believe that this young lady may need to seek mental health treatment. I mean you must be insane to act up in the proximity of Lady "D". An irritated Lady'D" marched the tiny troublemaker to the Dean's Office. She informed that Dean (as played by "M") that the pocket sized young lady standing next to her had been disruptive in class. He gave Lady "D" permission to spank Misty on the sofa in his office. Soon Misty found her jeans and panties around her ankles and herself over Lady D's lap. Misty is so frail looking one would think that she would break if you hit her a little too hard. Actually, she held up pretty well if don't include the state of her bottom once Lady "D" was done spanking it.

Scene III: 'Tiffany and Brittany: Caught "Messing Around'
Featuring: Lady "D", Tiffany and Brittany

I once said that Tiffany's breasts should be declared weapons of mass distraction. Recently, I received an email from Dr. Blix, the administrator of the International Atomic Energy Administration. He thought that he might need to inspect the aforementioned mammary glands. I, of course, discouraged him... I hear that he's all Hans.

In this scene, Tiffany and her weapons of mass distraction are found to be in the embrace of the lovely Brittany as Lady "D" was performing rounds. (Does this woman ever get a night off?) As punishment, each of the young beauties take a turn over the lap of our good Lady.

Scene IV: 'Brandi Struggles'
Featuring: Lady "D" and Brandi

As the scene opens, Lady "D" informed a rather petulant Brandi that she was to receive a spanking. Temporally insane, the tall beauty refused to accept her punishment and a struggle ensued. Soon, Brandi found herself over Lady D's lap, with her long legs ensnared by lady D's. (This is much better than the WWE) Soon all resistance was gone from Brandi as she finally succumbed to the will of Lady 'D" and absorbed a fearsome spanking.

Scene V: 'Misty is Spanked On The Dean's Couch'
Featuring: Mr. 'M", Lady "D" and Misty

Well, the pint-sized mischief-maker was up to her old tricks. Upon doing evening rounds, Lady "D" discovered that Misty had been sleeping naked. Leading her by the arm, Lady "D' dragged the diminutive and naked Misty to the Dean's Office. She explained the situation to the Dean. Shortly, the naked Misty was over the Dean's lap for an intense hand spanking. Prior to Misty's punishment, I swear that I heard Lady "D" say to Mr. "M" " Play Misty for Me." I could be wrong. But play her he did. She cried in several different octaves.

Scene #VI: 'Misty's Punishment'
Featuring: Mr. "M" and Misty

Mr. "M" enters Misty's room shortly after she had been spanked by Lady "D". He asked Misty if she had been spanked bare bottom? "No Sir", she replied. That situation was remedied rather quickly. Misty was treated to a very hard otk spanking. I believe that one of Mr. M's hands is larger than Misty's entire bottom.

Scene VII: 'Brandi Introduces Corey'
Featuring: Brandi and Corey

This is a fairly mild scene, but you won't be disappointed. Considering the intensity of this production up to this point, you will need a break. Regard this as a pleasant and very sexy respite. In this scene, Brandi introduced her friend Corey to the world of spanking and to the audience of Films. Brandi gave her friend a spanking that is just good enough to redden her bottom. Corey is terminally cute and you get to see her spanked over Brandi's lap. Has anyone ever noticed that Brandi has the wingspan of a California Condor?

Scene VIII: 'Sami and Bobbi: Punished Together'
Featuring: Mr. "M", Bobbi and Sami

As this scene opened, Mr. "M" was seated in a chair. He instructed Bobbi to enter the room. For some strange reason, Bobbi was wearing a pair of jeans, but was also bare- chested. Maybe she had been working outside? Soon, Bobbi's jeans and panties were lowered. She was spanked over Mr. M's Lap until her lovely round bottom was a fiery red. After a very hard hand spanking Bobbi was made to serve corner time.

Then Mr. M summoned Sami into the room. Like Bobbi, she was wearing a pair of jeans and was bare- chested as well. Did the RS Institute of Learning change their dress code? If they did, I, for one, did not get the memo. Sami also received a very harsh and spanking from the man called "M".

After her punishment, Sami was made to serve corner time next to Bobbi. It was interesting to note that as she served her corner time, Sami's bottom actually got redder.

Scene IX: 'Sami's Hard OTK Punishment'
Featuring: Lady "D" and Sami

An irate Lady "D" led Sami into her bedroom. I'm not sure exactly what offense Sami had committed prior to her punishment, but suffice it to say that it must have been an egregious violation of the rules. Her spanking by Lady D was justice meted out in a hard and swift fashion. Her pants and panties were lowered and her bottom was beaten until it was very sore and red.

Scene X: ' Holly: Punished In The Deans Office'
Featuring: Mr. "M", Lady "D" and Holly

Holly was taken to the Dean by Lady "D". She recommended that Holly should receive a spanking by the Dean for having a " bad attitude". She had committed no offense; Lady "D" just didn't care for her attitude. I think that's totally fair. A preemptive spanking. Just as Holly's punishment was to get underway Lady "D" stopped the proceedings. If Holly thought that she had been granted a reprieve, she couldn't have been more mistaken. You see, Lady "D" remembered that Holly was shy about being naked in front of others. She thought that the punishment would be more effective if the punishment was delivered to a naked Holly. You have to love how that woman's mind works. Soon a very naked Holly was spanked over the Dean's lap until her bottom was very red. After her ordeal over the Dean's lap was over, it was deemed that Holly would be led back to the dormitory in her unclothed state... red bottom and all.

Scene XI: ' Caroline's Memories'
Featuring Lady "D" and Caroline

This is an amazing scene of spanking erotica. It is so powerful because it came from such real place for both of the young women featured in this segment. This scene is based on an actually spanking that Caroline received from her mother for cutting school. Doing reenactments of events that have occurred in one's life can be very risky business for both the submissive and dominant. I have the utmost respect for Lady D and her skills as a dominant and a person. This scene works so well because of the trust that Caroline, in the submissive role had for Lady "D" in the role of the dominant.

As the scene opens, Caroline's mother (Lady D) arrived home unexpectedly and caught her naughty daughter lounging in bed, rather than being in attendance at school.

Caroline was taken over her mother's lap for a sound, bare bottomed spanking. As her punishment was initiated, Caroline shouted, " I hate you!" Soon Caroline began to plead for mercy, tearfully crying out " That's enough!"

Mom replied, " I don't think it will ever be enough after the horrible things that you said to me". Caroline's bottom was well- thrashed at the conclusion of her punishment.

Scene XII: 'Holly's Struggle'
Featuring Lady "D" and Holly

An alternate title for this scene could have been "Holly's Folly". As this scene opened we found ourselves in the bedroom of Holly. Holly, dressed in her schoolgirl uniform, was sitting on her bed reading a magazine. Suddenly in walked Lady "D" carrying a very nasty looking paddle. " Ok, let's get this over with" Lady "D" said upon entering the bedroom of the naughty schoolgirl. " Oh no! You're not spanking me! I'm too old to be spanked". Responded Holly. With that Lady D pulled a struggling Holy across her lap, noting that her feelings were somewhat at odds with Miss Holly's desires. She lifted Holly's skirt, lowered her panties and began wailing away with the paddle. Suddenly Holly pulled away from Lady "D" and stood up. Once again she defiantly proclaimed that she was too old to be spanked. This would soon prove to be a bad lapse in judgement. Lady "D" grabbed her rebellious young charge and put her back into prime spanking position. Then several well-placed blows to Holly's upper thighs gave the impetuous young woman a new perspective on the matter. She saw the error of her ways and submitted to Lady D for chastisement.

Scene XIII: 'Marissa's OTK Punishment'
Featuring: Lady "D" and Marissa

Marissa is an attractive young woman who was in the process of being admitted to the RS Institute. As is normal protocol at the institute, Lady "D" required that her new charge remove all of her clothing and stand naked before her. At each step in the process Marissa proved somewhat resistant. This is not usually the best of ideas in the presence of " Our Lady of Intense Pain and Suffering". Lady D quickly tired of Marissa's insolence. Rapidly the new member of the Institute's student body found herself over Lady D's lap for an attitude adjustment session. A hard spanking seemed to put Marissa in the correct frame of mind.

Scene XIV: 'Marissa's PJ Punishment'
Featuring: Lady "D" and Marissa

For her earlier infractions, Marissa was required to report to Lady D later that night. She was wearing PJ's that conveniently opened in the back. This proved most advantageous when it came time to spank Marissa. To administer a hard bare-bottomed spanking to the new addition to the RS Institute Family, all that Lady D needed to do was to open the flap and spank away.

Scene XV: ' Jennifer's Hard OTK Spanking'
Featuring Lady "D" and Jennifer.

When the title of a Real Film video or a segment begins with the name Jennifer, you can rest assured that the next word will be severe or hard. That will not change here. (I don't think that we will ever see a video entitled 'Jennifer's Relaxing Bottom Massage".)

An irritated Lady "D" led Jennifer into her bedroom. She was instructed to lower her blue jeans and to bend over Lady D's lap. Lady "D" began to reign down blow after hard blow to Jennifer's panty clad bottom. Then Jennifer's panties were lowered and the punishment continued until her bottom was rather red. After finishing chastising Jennifer, Lady "D" instructed the well-punished young woman to put on her nightgown and to go to bed. Before leaving the room Lady "D" noted that she would be back in the morning with the hairbrush.

Early the next morning, Jennifer had a rude awakening...literally. Lady D Pulled Jennifer out of bed before she was fully awake. Put her over her knee, pulled down her panties and went to work on Jennifer's naked bottom. Soon Jennifer was pleading for mercy. None came until Lady "D was satisfied that Jennifer had learned her lesson.

'OTK Punishments' is another in an increasingly long line of successful productions for the leader of spanking video erotica's new wave. The way this work is edited keeps the action flowing from one segment to the next. Additionally, the production values are of the highest caliber. One word of warning: If your doctor has told you to take it easy perhaps you should avoid this video. It may be way too exciting for your well being. As for the rest of you, why isn't this video in your personal collection? I will be telling Lady D you know. Then you will get it. ( In more ways than one)


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