Part 2: Francesca's Tears
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A while ago I reviewed the first part of Ouch! a spanking movie from Extreme Associates. Part 1 featured a high-school girl getting a hard school paddling and handspanking from her principal. Part 2 of Ouch! is a completly unconnected story about 18-year-old Francesca getting caught drinking underage by her Aunt Ruby.

These two actresses, frankly, look like everyday porn stars, and I was expecting a somewhat low-key, sexualized spanking scene. Boy was I wrong!

Aunt Ruby starts out spanking the skimpy-dressed Francesca with her hand, but quickly moves on to a wooden hairbrush she makes her neice fetch from her dresser. The hairbrush spanking is AMAZINGLY hard. I was really impressed by the severity and realism of this spanking.

About halfway into the hairbrush spanking, Francesca starts crying real tears. I don't think this was really planned for, as she begins pouring mascara all over her face, and all over the arm of Aunt Ruby's nice beige couch. It makes quite a mess! But Aunt Ruby continues hammering away with the hairbrush, turning Francesca into a bawling, sniffling, mascara-smeared mess.

This would have been a fine spanking scene if it had ended there, but Aunt Ruby takes it to a whole new level. She brings Francesca into the bedroom (after wiping off the excess mascara, which turns out to be a really good idea). There, she proceeds to pummel Francesca's already bruised ass with a seemingly endless belt spanking.

Francesca's ass takes a beating that has to be seen to be believed. I was amazed. Toward the end of the belt spanking Francesca actually screams when Aunt Ruby squeezes one butt cheek -- her bottom is that tender! Then Aunt Ruby tells Francesca she's going to get 100 more strokes, and Francesca's face crumples into desperate sobbing. The final 100 are delivered rapid-fire, and she has to count through her uncontrollable crying.

The belt strokes rain down, and so do her tears. It's a lovely sight! The 100 strokes take a long time -- I honestly was amazed that Francesca got through them all. She really had a hard time, and kept trying to squirm off the bed. And she was still pouring tears at the end, although I was surprised she had any left!

The video can be viewed on demand at Click Here, but it is not known if a DVD version is available.

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