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Our Sorority Part 1

Shadow Lane SLV-20
53 mnutes
stars: Kiri Kelly, Tanya Foxx, Stephanie Locke, Alexis Payne
Guest review by MARS Posted 3/14/08

Four adult actresses, who have done significant B/D work, play sorority sisters here. Airplane noises overhead. Gotta love these low budget productions. Inside, cute Tanya Foxx is unpacking on arrival and equally cute Kiri Kelly, a junior at the college, says: "You'd better get ready for spanking around here." Tanya: "I've never been spanked before." Kiri: "I'll give you a little taste."

Kiri takes her OTK, in her little plaid college-girl skirt. She can't resist fondling the fantastic Tanya Foxx bottom. Skirt up, panties down, in high style. Kiri tells her to get ready for bed, and for the evening sorority spanking ritual. Tanya undresses and twirls nude for us--she's glorious to look at, and Kiri is excited too. Tanya's in a silly nightgown---Kiri delights in giving her an ineffective hairbrush spanking. Her big perfect national-treasure bottom is flushed and splotchy. Next, Tanya squeals as she is spanked on a bed, her bottom on a pillow.

Stephanie catches them in the act--apparently this little warm-up initiation was not authorized. Both are scolded in the living room. This is a Lesbian sorority. "If you enjoyed Nicki's (Tanya) spanking, you should love the rest of the of the afternoon. Show us your bottoms." Up comes Tanya's nightgown. A collective surprise: "Ah, sheer panties." Tanya and Kiri are spanked simultaneously, with lots of fondling intermxed. Then some hairbrush--Kiri has dropped her jeans: two beautiful bottoms side-by-side. the scene ends with a general paddling amongst the girls--hairbrush, leather paddle, ping-pong paddle. All mild and a cute intrerlude for these lovely actresses, and for them, surely a grateful and safe respite from the pounding work in other parts of their careers.

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