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Our Sorority Summer Camp

Written and Directed By: Eve Howard
Produced by: Tony Elka
Staring: Stephanie Locke
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster

Once again we have a tour de force put forth by the good people at Shadow Lane. They, among all of the spanking video company's may have the most consistency in producing high quality spanking video erotica featuring well thought out stories, extremely good production values, along with the finest editing in the business by Tony Elka. They never cease to amaze with choice of location, background music, writing, producing, and directing, and of course the acting. The story line deals with Professor Locke conducting a Summer School for 5 girls that have not done their school work up to the expected standards. Of course, as in any good spanking production, discipline is the first order of the day. This beautiful piece of work begins in the garden with one of the girls spanking another. Then it's into the den where senior sister Natasha gives Bella a good over the knee spanking to initiate her into the fold. Natasha gives Bella a good dose of the hand and the paddle, both on the panties and the bare bottom. Bella is a rather large Black Girl with an ample behind, and I think this will titillate those of us that enjoy the BBW genre. Then it's back in the garden where Natasha spanks Violet over her shorts, bent over a picnic table, first with her hand and then with a leather paddle. Well, down come Violets shorts, and the hand spanking continues on her beautiful bare bottom. Natasha also uses the sorority paddle on that pretty butt. On the other side of the Garden Kat catches up with Bella and gives her a good paddling with a wooden paddle. It's a very hard paddling on her shorts. Back in the Library, it's Kat's turn to discipline Sybil. Sybil is an extremely pretty and lithe redhead, with a perky body, and a gorgeous ass. And as we all know, redheads mark very quickly and nicely. Sybil is no different. I have to say that Kat does not look like a novice when it comes to applying her hand or an instrument to a bare bottom. Kat gives Sybil a rather long and hard hand spanking, turning her bottom bright red. Now it's Stephanie's turn to give Bella a good going over back in the den. It seems that Bella has paid too much attention to books and not enough time in the garden. Stephanie is going to correct this situation. Stephanie has Bella remove her dress, and she is dressed in a white corset, and thong, with her large breasts spilling out over the top of the corset. Stephanie is one of those women that's expert in the application of corporal punishment, and she proves this once again on Bella. Stephanie puts Bella over her knee and applies hand and leather paddle to that ample butt, before moving to the leather slapper, small wooden paddle. Stephanie disproves that old wives tale that Black Women don't show marks. When she is through, Bella's behind definitely shows the results. Back in the den, Natasha works over Violet again for not paying enough attention to the classics of literature. She gives her a hard hand spanking, a good dose of the leather slapper, and hairbrush. Then Kat enters the room and suggests that she and Natasha both work Violet over, and they do just that. After a few minutes they bring Sybil into the room and spank her at the same time. It is so thrilling to have back one of my all time favorite Dom's, Stephanie Locke in a Shadow Lane video, and she has not lost her "touch" at all. This is in my opinion a must have video for lover's of spanking video's everywhere, and especially for those that prefer the Female Spanks Female genre. I cannot wait to see Sybil in her next video, and I surely hope there is one. Oh by the way, you have to stay with this video for about 1 minute past the end. There is a delightful little section with a small clip from the first two "Our Sororities". On the Spank-O-Meter, I give this video a 9.2 out of 10

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