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F/FF by David Pierson

Over Auntie Janet's Lap
Brooks Applications

Written and Directed by: Jennifer Brooks
Starring: Janet Beckwith AKA Veronica Lord
Goldi ( Mia) Moon
Trisha Monroe

Reviewed by: David Pierson

With " Over Auntie Janet's Lap" Our Miss Brooks (Sorry Jennifer) has scored a solid hit. In a year of terrific spanking video releases this production must rank near the top. This video is erotic, entertaining and a wonderful example of good filmmaking. Ms. Brooks also deserves accolades for her assemblage of a terrific cast. (More on that later)
This video is the second of the Brooks Application's (No! it is not a computer company) " naughty sisters" series.
This production is a terrific ageplay romp. Auntie Janet, played by the legendary Janet Beckwith, is in charge of her two behaviorally disturbed nieces while the girl's parents are away. As the video opens, Auntie Janet is preparing dinner for the two sisters from hell. The nieces, played by Goldi Moon and the ubiquitous Trisha Monroe, immediately start to sass their aunt about her menu selections. At first Aunt Janet tries to reason with the "kids". However, the insolent siblings continue to hurl abuse in the direction of their loving caretaker. Gradually Auntie J starts to lose her patience. Thus, when reason fails to bring about the required behavioral modification Aunt Janet resorts to spanking. (It wouldn't be much of a spanking video if she didn't, now would it?) . Goldi and Trisha are the superb in their roles as the quintessential brats. As one girl was receiving her spanking across the lap of Aunt Janet, the other was hurling invectives at their exasperated babysitter.
There are two spanking scenes in this video that are particularly striking. There is a scene in which the two "kids" are taking a bath under the close supervision of their frustrated aunt. I like this portion of the video for several reasons. First it must be acknowledged that Goldi Moon and Trisha Monroe are, in fact, attractive fully-grown women. For me there is something profoundly erotic in having two attractive women portraying children with who require supervision during bath time. Also, I find the whole idea of spanking during bath time (especially the wet bottoms of Goldi and Trisha) almost unbearably exciting. (If you know what I mean?) During the " bath scene" the girls are spanked naked with the bath brush, as they lay across the lap of Aunt Janet. What makes this scenario work is the way the performers played the scene. The spankings grew out of the interplay between the actors. It was anything but perfunctory. After their bath, the girls and Aunt Janet are curled up in bed reading. . I loved the way Janet Beckwith played this scene. After the trios disastrous bathing experience, Janet was trying to bring the day to a calm end. You get the sense that the Aunt truly laments the days conflicts. Janet clearly wants enjoy being with her nieces. In an attempt to ameliorate any residual bad feelings of the day Aunt Janet joins the kids in bed and they all read a bedtime story. With Trisha to her right and Goldi on her left, Janet projected a feeling warmth and love to her charges as they read their bedtime story. Suddenly this feeling of calm was disturbed when the two girls became verbally abusive towards one another and their aunt. Janet seemed genuinely disappointed when she had to discipline the girls once again. With a broken heart she pulled Goldi across her lap in preparation to discipline her. With some bemusement Auntie J. discovers that Goldi is wearing drop seat pajamas. With that Aunt Janet lowers the flap at the seat of Goldi's pajamas and exposes her beautiful bottom. I must admit that I have a thing for drop seat PJ's. Janet then proceeds to spank her naughty niece with a hairbrush. Until this point Goldi and Trisha had taken their spankings like troopers. Not this time. Goldi was reduced to tears by her chastisement with the hairbrush. After finishing Goldi's correction, Trisha (not wearing drop seat pajamas, darn the luck) was pulled across her Aunt's knee. Her panties were lowered and she received a blistering spanking from her aggravated Aunt. The production ends with the girls hugging their loving disciplinarian. (I think these kids need Ritalin.)
What makes this video work for me, aside from Jennifer Brook's superb writing and direction, is the terrific cast.
As I've said before, Janet Beckwith (or Veronica lord) is a legend among spanking video aficionados. She was a featured performer for Nu-West during that studio's creative zenith. Janet's credits for that studio include " Two Spanked Cheerleaders" (In that video she spanked the bottoms of Kiri Kelly and Peaches) and Stepmother II. (Once again performing with excessively cute Peaches) In recent years she has performed in some of Brooks Applications F/M productions such as " Pure Hand Spanking" and "Strapping and Caning". Ms. Beckwith brings sensitivity, intelligence and beauty to any role she approaches. . You can contact Janet through her website .
Goldi Mia Moon is terrific performer and spanking enthusiast who had previously appeared in Shadow Lane's " Naughty Mia" and Impressions Videos " Cousins Misbehavin' ". Goldi is also the proprietor of a website called Shut Up And Spank. (
Lastly, there is the very busy Trisha Monroe. In one year Trisha has appeared in "Disciplined Down On The Farm" - Pacific Force, "Spanked In Front Of The Class- Pacific Force; and " A Brother's Advice " -Shadow Lane. According to several people who have spanked her, Trisha has a very high tolerance for discomfort and can absorb the harshest of spankings without complaint.
Prior to writing this review I contacted " Our Miss Brooks" about her selection of this cast. She noted that it was essential to start with the correct dominant. She then casts the submissive roles based on chemistry.
I'd say that this video was a perfectly balanced equation. Get it? Chemistry? Oh forget it.

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