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Nu West 097
Time:50 minutes

Routine whippings--if such a thing can exist--from Nu West. Five girls, dressed in camosoles and panties only, are marched into the punishment room by buxom Sabine captain Debra and guard Celia. They are lined up facing the wall, naughty student style. A lacquered barrel on a platform is front and center.

Each girl in turn is summoned to face the barrel, made to drop her panties, bent over and strapped down, by the wrists and thighs, so that each bottom is high on the barrel, bare feet dangle. Debra scolds the strapped-down victim drill instructor style while directing Celia to lay on increasingly severe sets of 10 strokes with a martinet-style lash. The girls do not a have good time. Afterward, they return to the wall, sans pants, with shirts held up.

Some highlights:
#1 Amy, a very cute pixie brunette; She makes you want the pants down fast; 4 sets of 10 strokes; she's surprised at the severity; her legs flail; nice little fuzz pokes between her cheeks; #2 Vanna, I think it is the very same Vanna, tawny ponytail, soon to be a NW regular and legendary; 4 sets of 10; when she's doubled over the barrel it's easy to see why her career went as it did; #3 Natalie, a big-bottomed strong girl; just three sets of 10; some nice pained face shots, and a realistis "OH, God!" gasp; Debra steps in and lays on another 10, a bit more forcefully; #4 Kelly, a bright blonde; 3 sets of 10 from Celia; 12 from Debra, during which Kelly growls, "I'd like to do this to you,"; a nice bottom with that great gap between her legs; #5 our much admired Katie, the shortest of the five, but the best-developed bottom. Her blushed white cheeks are luminous amongst her reddened peers along the wall; 2 sets of 10, then 38 from Debra, amidst much squalling and obscenities.

The show ends with Debra patrolling the five half-nude red bottomed girls; they are made to lean against the wall, bottoms out, frisk-style, for 10 more strokes from Debra. Each girl chokes out her count. It certainly looked unpleasant to me. This is a great coda scene--five pinked bottoms all in a row. I haven't seen Rigid East/Lupus' row-of-twelve yet.


F/F reviewed by the webmaster

Have you ever gotten a video and thought, this is going to be one of my favorites? Well, this video is one of them for me. I'm a fan of the women in prison series to start with and this is no disappointment. It starts off with 5 girls in white t-shirts and white panties standing against a wall. The matron is very good at playing her part and the guard (Celeste, I believe) delivers a good punch with the strap. The first girl up is Amy, from Amy's Aunties. She's a small cute brunette with short hair. She is scolded by the matron and gives a bit of an attitude. Well, down come the panties and over the barrel she goes. She is given several sets of 10 strokes, with each set being from a different angle. Amy is brought to tears by the time her punishment is over. Next is Vanna. She is scolded for fighting and is made to also pull her panties off and get put over the barrel. Each girl is secured to the barrel by wrist and ankle straps. Vanna is also given several sets of 10 strokes a piece, leaving her bottom red and sore. The matron does a nice job of lecturing in between the sets. I forget the name of the next girl, but she is a cute medium build brunette. She has been caught with some weed. The matron feels this girl is reformable and can be salvaged. She wants to make an impression on this one, so she won't be doing anything like this again. Same deal as with the others, over the barrel after taking off the panties and strapped for several sets of 10. A little twist in this one, the matron takes over for the last few sets. She uses full swings and really makes a mark. 2nd to last girl is a cute thin blonde who has been caught in bed with another girl. The really ticks off the matron. The inmate keeps denying it, even though she was caught. She is put over the barrel for some bare bottom strapping. The matron once again takes over the strapping duties and our smart mouthed inmate brakes down and tells the truth. The last girl is Katie. Katie is a cutie and follows the same path as the others. Panties off and over the barrel for some bare butt strapping. The matron does some of the punishing and like the others, several camera angles are used. But wait, there's more. As each girl faces the wall, they are made to stick their butts out and the matron goes to each girl one by one and straps them somemore. I really liked this video. Decent acting, good action, and the quality was pretty good. The video is 30 minutes long.

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