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Paddled After School

Directed and Edited by: Vinnie Spit
Written by: Mistress Jacqueline
Graphics by: Gen Okamoto
Starring: Mistress Jacqueline
Franchesca Le'
Lena Ramon
Gia Regency
Rebecca De Sage
Gina Pavoni
Review by: David Pierson

This video brings to mind a line from the classic Marx Brothers' film " Horse Feathers." In this film, Groucho Marx was playing the part of a college professor and his brother Harpo, the unruly student. While Groucho's back was turned to the class, Harpo hits him in the back of the neck with a spit ball. Angrily, Groucho turns around and says to this innocent, well-behaved young woman. " Ok, you stay after school!" To this she replies, " But why professor? I didn't do anything." To which the inimitable Mr. Marx replied, pointing at Harpo, " Well it's no fun keeping him after school."

Well keeping Franchesca, Lena, Sasha; Gia, Rebecca and Gina after school for a very hard bare bottom paddling was lots of fun for us and not so much for them. This production of "Paddled After School" is a wonderful video from beginning to end. This video is notable for its exceedingly high production values, a terrific and very erotic spanking scenario and a cast featuring several of the best and most attractive submissives in the business. In a nice flourish, Vinnie Spit and Mistress Jacqueline opened the video and explained their vision for this work. This is especially effective when a production is more conceptually based rather than plot driven. Mr. Spit noted that both he and Mistress J. had been schoolteachers in a previous incarnation. He noted that Mistress Jacqueline had taught school in the Virgin Islands where it was common place for a paddle to be used on students at the college level. So essentially, this production is loosely based on our Mistress' experiences in the Virgin Islands. The punishments featured in " Paddled After School" are very intense. As I noted before, this video features some of the best known submissive performers in spanking video erotica. Most of these beautiful young ladies were reduced to tears from the severity of their punishment. In most cases, I didn't think that it was possible to make these seasoned performers cry.

In this very entertaining and very erotic work, Mistress Jacqueline plays the role of a college instructor who applies a very hard and dense oak paddle to the bottoms of misbehaving college girls.

In the first scene, Gina Pavoni plays the part of a college girl who is sentenced to a paddling for smoking. Gina is an attractive young woman with long, dark curly tresses. When informed by her instructor (played by Mistress Jacqueline) that she is to be paddled for this offence, the terminally cute Gina pleads to be spared the agony that this nasty intsrument of punishment will certainly bring. Gina is intsructed to stand up, place her hands on the seat of a chair and lower her panties. Gina shouts out in real pain as her disciplinarian applies the paddle to her adorable, naked bottom. By the third swat, Gina is in tears. In a terrific example of film making prowess, we are shown this pretty girl's bottom being stuck with the paddle and then we get to see the distress on her tear stained face. This is Gina's first outing in a Pacific Force video. I certainly hope that we get to see her again the in near future.

The next young lady to feel the wrath of the instructor is the beautiful Sasha. It seems that Sasha had plagiarized a term paper. When informed that she was to be punished for the aforementioned offense Sasha replied, " What does plagiarize mean?" Soon Sasha was standing before her irritated instructor with her panties down and crying out in pain. Over her career in spanking videos Sasha has always been a good crier. She has always been able to tap into the emotional aspect of her punishments and bring forth tears. That should not fool you. Sasha is a seasoned submissive. She can withstand a great deal of discomfort and not move a muscle if instructed to do so. The punishment that she suffered in this production was almost beyond her tolerance. She wiggled and moved her bottom throughout her chastisement. Mistress Jacqueline, in the role of the avenging instructor, had to place Sasha back into position several times. I knew that this video was a very special creation when a seasoned professional like Sasha was pushed almost beyond her limits.

Next on our " hit parade" (sorry) is the fetching Lena Ramon. Lena was a featured performer in the groundbreaking Pacific Force productions of " Disciplined Down On The Farm" and " Spanked in Front of The Class". In both of those elaborate productions the lovely Lena has shown herself to be a star of this erotic medium. Lena is a beautiful young woman who has established a persona that easily lends itself to a schoolroom-spanking scenario. Lena wears glasses that Woody Allen would find too nerdy. These glasses make this young woman appear excessively studious and very sexy. In her roles for Pacific Force, Ms. Ramon has played the straight "A" student who has gotten into trouble. It is extremely erotic to see the smartest girl in the class being spanked. In this production, Lena has earned her paddling for selling her term paper to Sasha. As with the two girls who had gone before, Lena is instructed to assume the position and lower her panties. As her irate instructor lands the first blow with the paddle, Lena lets out a shout of pain and nearly drops to her knees. With each successive strike of the paddle Lena cries out as tears roll down her face. Soon, Lena's naked bottom is a crimson red.

The next young woman to receive a taste of the oak paddle is Gia Regency. I think that I stayed at the Gia Regency once. No, my mistake. It was the Hyatt- Regency. College girl Gia has obtained the negative attention of her instructor by wearing headphones into class after being warned not to do so. Like the young ladies who proceeded her, Gia was shouting out in pain as the paddle stuck her unprotected, but exceedingly attractive bottom. Of all the performers who appeared in this production, Gia probably did the best in holding her position. However, Gia's distress was evident by her shrieks of pain and through her facial expression. Gia is a wonderful addition to the Pacific Force family of submissive performers. Gia made her Pacific Force debut a few months ago in the production " Serious Hard Spankings." I'm certain that we will see much more of the glamorous Gia in the months to come.

For me, the highlight of this production was the return of Franchesca Le'. For many years Frachesca had been Pacific Force's featured submissive and a key member of their creative team. It has been sometime now since Franchesca had graced our television screens in a Pacific Force Production. In this production, Franchesca plays the role of a college student who is being paddled for being rude. The biggest surprise in this video was the way Franchesca responded to her paddling. Over the years, I have seen this young woman absorb many a hard spanking with a variety of very nasty implements. She had always remained stoic in the face of adversity. This time our Franchesca was unable to hold her place. She jumped out of position several times during the course of her paddling. After one particularly nasty crack of the paddle Franchesca let out with a loud shout of " Fuck!" The pain from this oak paddle must have been frightful for a submissive performer of Francheca's credentials to respond in such a manner.

The last of our naughty college students to feel the displeasure of her teacher and the agony of the paddle is Rebecca De Sage. Rebecca is to be punished for selling stolen diet pills to her classmates. Like the others, Rebecca was made to bare her bottom and bend over the chair. From the first swat of the paddle, Rebecca was unable to hold her place. During her punishment she was warned several times that if she did not do a better job of remaining in place, the punishment would start again from the beginning. Ms. De Sage has one prior Pacific Force appearance to her credit. She was the featured performer in "Spanked Way Beyond her Limits".

This production of " Paddled After School" is another hit for the creative team at Pacific Force Incorporated. The casting of this amazing video couldn't have been better. All of the young women featured in this exciting production are absolutely sexy and drop-dead gorgeous. It was very erotic to watch these lovely ladies receive a very harsh paddling across their bare bottoms and then to see the impact of their punishment expressed through their facial responses. I also must credit the performance of Mistress Jacqueline for much of the success of the video. Many of you may not be aware of this fact, but Mistress J. is a somewhat diminutive person, standing only about five- feet tall. The reason that you may be unaware of this fact is due to the way that Mistress Jacqueline fills the screen with the force of her sheer presence. All of the young women in this video are significantly larger than our Mistress and yet it feels right that they submit to her.

I now have a message for Gina, Sasha, Lena, Gia, Francheca and Rebecca. In the opening on the video, when Vinnie and Mistress Jacqueline were explaining the premise of this production, they credited Gen Okamoto with the creation of the paddle used on you in this video. Don't hurt him too badly.

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