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Paddling Classified

18 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 11/7/08

We are looking at hundreds of CalStar/Imprint/SpankingForPleasure productions and continue to recommend many, and try to suggest special moments, on the premise that the SfP logo is aptly titled and that Blushes is correct in illustrating "what bottoms are for." A clever little twist here--a guy has placed a classified ad to give spankings and two girls answer the ad, Harriet and Minnie.

They show up at the guy's apartment. He gets right to it and directs Minnie to take off her clothes while he discusses the procedures with Harriet, who says "I thought it might be quite nice to be spanked." She is sent to the dining room, where she strips down to just panties and stretches over a table to wait, in a pose made famous by other characters at SfP, who may be behind the cameras.

Naked Minnie is first. She has a powerful figure, top and bottom, and she is not shy about it. There is also a large bruise on her right buttock. Maybe we can find the performance where she earned this badge. This actress is worth researching. She is taken OTK on the couch. "Please, sir, punish me, I beg you." The hired spanker bunches her panties and goes to work, soon pulling her panties down and holding her wrist out of the way. At the conclusion she stands naked facing the wall, a lovely sight.

In the dining room, Harriet waits. She is paddled and handspanked, her wispy transparent black panties quickly disposed with. "Let's take these little things down, shall we?" Nice views between her legs with a bottom so high on the table. As he spanks,the naked Minnie enters and poses in the scene in the background, surely so we can watch her front as Harriet's spanking continues.

Both girls are put side-by-side over the table, two matching bottoms. The hired gun uses his "travelling companion," a small thick hard-sounding wood paddle, which causes instant red squares and both girls reach back reflexively to cover up. This concludes today's appointment. Next Wednesday, 7:30 PM. The spanker is amused to reach in to collect his fee of bills, tucked in Minnie's bra and Harriet's panties, a droll reversal of strip club behavior.

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