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This video features and asian girl that is sent to a reform school for being unruly and too tough to handle. The girl is very cute and plays the part well. The video starts off with Meechi being driven to the school and then being brought into the headmistress' office. Meechi is wearing a light blue button down shirt, navy blue skirt, and white panties. The woman in charge gives Meechi a little lecture and makes her fold her hands behind her back. She lifts up Meechi's skirt and give her a few slaps over the panties, then pulls them up into a wedgie and slaps her buttom a few more times. Meechi is then ordered to remove her panties and leave them off. However, when the headmistress leaves the room for a moment, Meechi puts her panties back on. Naturally, the woman comes back in and isn't too happy about this. Meechi is made to remove, put on, and remove her panties a few times and then put over the headmistress' knee for a hard bare bottom spanking. Meechi is then stood up for a moment while the chair is repositioned and then brought back over the knee. Some pretty good camera angles and alot of hard slaps. Meechi is then made to stand up and is spanked standing up. She is spanked both facing the camera with her skirt above her waist, and facing away from the camera. The 2nd part of this video shows Meechi in an excersize room. She is made to remove her panties and is spanked and strapped while using the equipment. Several different positions used, including having her sitting while strapping her thighs. Meechi is eventually bent over the machine and spanked with a thick strap. I'm a little lost on the title, as no paddle is every used, but to tell you the truth it didn't bother me. The action is very good in this film. The video is 30 minutes long.

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