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Painful Journey to Justice

32 minutes
Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 12/3/10

Layla, an elegant-looking black girl with diminuative crystalline features, sleeps in Michael Dawes' house, in purple bra and panties. Dawes receives a summons in the mail for Layla for stealing. He wakes her, holding his paddle and cane. " are going to take exchange students!" She protests in an African accent. "Your bottom is going to pay the price."

Using language we don't hear anymore, Dawes says he is "going to smack this little black ass of yours," which you know if have read the reviews we have written of this actor, we believe he will do and then some. Layla will get her spanking right there in her bedroom. Typical OTK, pants down, "I'm going to give your little black bottom a seeing to...19 years of age! methods are far better than the police's."

Dawes keeps at it with the politically incorrect dialogue: "I've never spanked a black bottom before. It doesn't come up like the other girls'" He has her lie on the bed for the paddle and explains he will be taking her to the police to show her bottom.

"Stand up and take your bra off." "Why?" "Because I want to see you naked." Standing nude, she gets more of the paddle and the sting-y stiff leather slapper/spanker. Turns out she has had visitors in this bedroom--we have a long naked frontal while she is bawled out. Touch-toes in front of the dressing table, more paddle and stiff spanker. More "black bottom" references. Layla is starting to hurt--she jumps and can't hold still, must rub. Dawes checks his work: "There are still a few more decorations to put across here."

Layla is sent naked to the sitting room--the CalStar white sectional couch. Dawes: "This [cane] is the symbol the police understand." Layla bends over a bunty (we call it a hassock) for a full 20 strokes. Dawes admires her "strong little they have the cane in Kenya?" "Yes." He comments yet again that his work is "difficult to see" on her ebony skin, but in fact oblique views show a satisfying arrangement of welts.

Dawes directs Layla to dress. They are off to the police station to show her bottom there.

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