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Painful Probation

year: 2004
55 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 5/21/10

This is an American cast and no one seems to have made a CP film before. Too bad, because the girls are sensational and offer huge promise at first appearance.

A thin willowy blond probation officer, weakly un-authoritative as an actress, calls on two beautiful parolees who have missed their check-ins. It's either back to prison ("Oh, please.") or some other solution.

The parole officer of course has a back seat full of implements in her car outside. The glamorous girls will be spanked, paddled, and caned in the most inoffensive ways over the next 45 minutes or so. The spankings are so soft and spaced out that hardly a mark or coloration develops.

The girls: Jamie is a very tall curly brunette, flashing dark eyes, with a full athletic figure, most likely with an entertainment career other than making CP films. When her black panties are finally lowered, she presents a solid muscled bottom which would be the envy of any figure model .

The second girl, short auburn hair, no name we could hear, just as attractive, and equally enticing when she dropped her pants. Nether girl loses her top or shows more than a flash of her front, both of which were disappointments, but the nudie aspect of this performance is all we had to hang onto.

OTK spankings, bend-overs, paddles, straps--all harmless. We found ourselves studying the set and the extensive bookshelves.

The use of the cane at the conclusion was silliest. It was waved and whirled about and used to tease and trace the two glorious posteriors both on the screen at the same time, but not one good solid crack occurred. Pass.

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