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Painful Summer

Directed, Written and Produced by: Mr. "M", Lady "D" and Miss "J" Starring: Jessica
Mr. "M" as Michael
Lady "D" as Dee
Review by: David Pierson

With Films the hits just keep coming.... literally. 'Painful summer' is an experience of corporal punishment video erotica not to be missed. It is exciting, well made and incredibly erotic. If you are a fan of severe corporal punishment administered to the bottoms of two lovely young women then you need to see this video. This is Films second full-length original production. Much of the success of this superb production can be attributed to the performances of Films two devilish divas, Jessica and Brandi. They have never been more glamorous, or given performances that were so overtly erotic. This feature firmly establishes them among the top stars in the world of the spanking cinema. The improvement in their on camera acting skills is astounding. The interplay between the submissive and dominant performers were key elements in making 'Painful Summer' the success that it is. In one scene, after absorbing an intense hairbrush spanking, Jessica had to deliver her lines through rivers of tears. That is pure Staislovsky. While Jessica and Brandi may not be ready to tackle Chekov as of yet, wouldn't ' Uncle Vanya' be much more entertaining with a few spanking scenes? One can not say enough about the contributions of Lady D and Mr. M to making 'Painful Summer' the wonderful erotic experience that it is.

'Painful Summer' or ' Global Warming' is an entertaining film about the misadventures of two nineteen-year-old girls who are vacationing with their relatives in their beautiful home in the Rocky Mountains. Dee and Michael are delighted to have Jessica and Brandi as houseguests. (Who wouldn't be?)

Shortly after their arrival at the lovely mountain retreat, our two nasty girls decided that they would start their vacation with a little sunbathing...naked sunbathing that is. Jessica, not a good idea with your skin type. Redheads don't burn, they stroke. This apparently was very disturbing to the neighbor's of Michael and Dee. You can tell how disturbed they were because after they watched Brandi lather her redheaded companion's nubile and unclothed body with suntan oil and then watching Jessica reciprocate they called Michael and Dee immediately after Jessica and Brandi stopped touching one another. Soon, Dee arrived on the scene in a huff...well a minute and a huff. (My apologies to Groucho Marx) She decided that these naughty city girls needed to be taught a lesson. She made the two naked beauties find a switch and to bring them to her. First Brandi was made to bend over the railing of the sundeck as Dee applied the switch in rapid-fire succession to her oil-coated bottom. Then it was the lovely redhead's turn to feel Dee's wrath upon her unprotected derriere. Then the girls were made to kneel on the deck, naked and humiliated. The neighbors and we are thoroughly entertained.

The next day, Dee confronts Jessica and Brandi about the condition in which they left the kitchen. Thoroughly irritated with the two nineteen year old miscreants she pulls out a spatula and smacks their bottoms very hard with this kitchen utensil while lecturing them on proper houseguest etiquette. Each blow from the spatula brought tears to the eyes of the naughty girls.

Now you would have thought that our heroines would have gotten the message by now..wouldn't you? Well, if they had this wouldn't be much of a spanking movie, now would it?

The next day Brandi and Jessica were given permission to take the car with the understanding that they would call in every two hours. They got the borrowing the car part just right... it was the calling in every two hours part that they didn't do so well. ( Hey, nobody's perfect) Upon their return, Michael is rather disturbed with the girls. To illustrate this point he removes his belt and delivers several well placed blows to the seat of each of the girls' blue jeans. (Of course they were wearing them at the time.)

In the next segment, Michael and Dee announced that they were going into town. They wanted their bratty houseguests to stay at the house and remain out of trouble. Soon, Jessica was on the phone and invited a young fellow up to the house. While Jessica entertained her guest in the bedroom, Brandi took a nap. Suddenly, Brandi is awakened by Michael and Dee. They had returned to see if the girls would like to go to dinner. They demanded to know whose car was parked outside. Brandi noted, timidly, that it was Jessica's guest. Dee rushed into the bedroom to see a topless Jessica on her knees with mouthful of her guest. " What's going on in there!?", Michael shouts from just outside the door. " You don't even want to know...just get the paddle!", Dee responds. Jessica is then paddled to tears as her "friend" was made to watch her torment.

Later that day it was discovered that Brandi had been surfing porn sites on Michael's computer. For this breech of proper houseguest behavior the man of the house administers a severe bare bottom spanking to the tall, dark beauty.

The most intense punishments were reserved for the conclusion of this entertaining film. On Friday evening, Jessica and Brandi were summoned to the living room by their hosts. The two naughty girls were informed that because of their bad behavior they were to receive a bare bottom hairbrush spanking. Michael and Dee noted that the girls faced a hairbrush chastisement every Friday night unless there was a dramatic alteration in their comportment.

Brandi was the first to feel the sting of the wooden hairbrush. She was required to take her place over Michael's lap. In scant seconds Brandi was in great distress as blow after blow reigned down upon her naked bottom. Her chastisement was not concluded until she was tearfully apologizing and her bottom was as red as a Los Angeles sunset during a phase IV smog alert.

Soon Jessica was made to take her turn over Michael's lap for her turn to feel the wrath of the hairbrush. After the session with the hairbrush both Jessica and Brandi, tearfully pledge to amend their way rather than face the hairbrush once again.

'Painful Summer' is another successful production from Films, the leader of the new wave movement in spanking video erotica. If you are a fan of severe corporal punishment erotica then ' Painful Summer' belongs in your collection.


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