Review posted on 2/8/05 by John O'Connell

If you are looking for a light, playful spanking site where merry couples spanking each other lightly, then don't just walk away...RUN! This site will kick your ass! There is no word in the English language to describe the dark intensity of this site. The scary thing about this site, is the scenes start off rather average. A spanking with the hand or brush. Maybe some hard strokes of the cane. Nothing overly unusual. But, that's what they want. To lull you into a false sense of security. Then, all of a sudden, BAM! The shit gets dark. And the imagination they use is most creative to say the least. I saw scenes that showed a model caned to the point of bleeding only to then be subjected to having a machine force a dildo into her pussy while she is flogged. Intrigued? Another girl had her hands tied above her head while her tits, stomach, and pussy were lashed. Like clamps and gags? They got that too. Want to see boobs tied so tightly that they look like water ballons ready to burst? They did it. I will never look at clothes pins the same way again. There are 54 different models in the site that are subjected to their own personal world of torture. Each one unique. From the costumes to the wild punishments, I've never seen anything quite like this site before. And, many of the models have multiple scenarios. Many girls have photos that number over 300, all of which are in high resolution. Want video clips? There are plenty of them. Not all girls have video clips yet, but there are promises of them being delivered soon. They are in the Real Media format, and while not the best quality available, are within the normal range of size and quality. The site is updated every few days with both galleries and clips. If you are looking for something deep and dark, then you need to at least take a look at the samples found on their preview page. That is, if you dare.

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