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Paperback Writer

60 Mins
Guest Review by MARS posted 7/24/09

Part 1 of a sophisticated trilogy about a female audio transcriber temporarily employed by a CP writer/producer, providing us a vehicle to depict a variety of spanking tableaux, touching on many of the fantasies common in the genre. Varied scenes, locales, and characters, a laudable effort by a producer who understands the erotic cues of CP. Some of the scene jumps are a bit confusing, but the spankings touch all the bases.

The video opens with Valerie Hodges, as gorgeous a young blonde as one can find anywhere in the industry, receiving six-of-the-best on tight white satin panties. We soon learn this is a screenplay, the writer James Foster is doing the caning; the welts look real enough to us.

Actress Tiffany Jones, playing an attractive professional-looking ponytailed brunette, has been hired by Foster to transcribe his audio CP creations. Tiffany finds herself in the CP world and will be seduced by it. We see the smashing blonde as a researcher Wendy, on the job.

Tiffany sits listening to tapes, and we begin scenes of what she visualizes as she listens. Valerie plays a student and meets a teacher in an office, as Tiffany eavesdrops. Sweet Valerie has done something which earns the cane. "Please don't cane me." She bends over a table, a favored position in this series, but jumps up after the first stroke. She is taken OTK instead, where the disciplinarian discovers she is wearing three pairs of white panties for padding.

Tiffany imagines herself as "Miss Taylor" in this story, who is summoned as a witness. Over the desk, Valerie's three-pair are carefully peeled down to display a breathtakingly perfect bottom, a national treasure. Tiffany holds her still for a hard handspanking, six with a slipper, and then a release with a date with the cane that evening following school "prep." Taylor had tried to protect Valerie and was critcized for showing disloyalty in front of a student. Taylor is fascinated with the displayed sheath of canes, suggesting a potential scene to come.

The next scene is in fact the opening scene caning, Valerie's vespers appointment. Tight white satin panties cannot disguise six angry weals poking out.

Tiffany as Miss Taylor wanders the grounds, headset on, the early version of thr spanking IPOD. She lies in a field and masturbates as she listens. [traffic noises] She pulls her knickers down, and a silly dog, surely unscripted, runs onto the scene to check her out. After a bit, she returns to the billiard room of the estate, where Foster catches her and canes her totally naked bent over an elegant antique pool table. Taylor is quite turned on, and the pool table highlights her charms--one of our favorite items to be bent over. Just six-of-the-best.

Another imagining: Taylor gets her promised spanking for her impudence which occurred in front of student Valerie--her pants and clothes come off slowly, she virtually thrusts her bottom to the spanker, for handspanking, the slipper, and "not 6 but 12" from the cane, counted aloud. She is very aroused. Actress Tiffany has a regal sophistication and yet is a wild animal when without pants.

Another masturbation scene, headset on, in the field. You are waiting for her to be discovered, and along comes the neighbor. "What are you doing here? This is private property." A fast negotiation, and they decide on a trip to his woodshed, for yet more fantasy fulfillment, to be seen in Part 2.

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