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Directed and Produced: Clare Fonda & James Phillips
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster

This video opens with Paris awakening one morning and getting ready for school. She is totally naked and tells us immediately that she is the head Cheerleader, the most beautiful girl in school, and has the best body. She does have a magnificent body, perky breasts, slim, and a great ass. She puts on a pair of panties that are emblazoned with the word "dangerous". We can tell at once that this is a girl with an attitude.

In the next scene she is coming out of school and hounding another girl, Lily Mourning. She grabs Lily, puts her over her knee and spanks her. Lily finally escapes and heads for home to tell her sister, Mistress 13, what has happened. She enters the house and her sister is resting in an open casket. You can't help but think, "They are witches". They take out a Ouija board, and cast a spell which will result in them getting even with Paris. Paris is receiving spanks from a ghost like apparition. Now here are some great special effects - out of the clear blue sky Paris' ass ignites on fire. I don't know how they accomplished this but it is great. Then Mistress 13 and Lily arrive and put out the fire with spanks. Then it's over the knee for some more bun burning with the hand. Paris' bare ass reddens up quickly and nicely. Next a metal spatula is applied, and not sparingly. And then it's back to using the hand and then a wooden spoon. After a nice long spanking, around 100 swats, she is made to stand up and spell out spank like a cheerleader would.

Then we are transported back to where Lily and Mistress 13 are using the Ouija board again to cast another spell. This spell ends up with one sister spanking the other. Lily even uses a hairbrush like wooden paddle on that nice bare butt of Mistress 13. And as we all know from many videos, turnabout is fair play. So Lily and Mistress 13 trade places and we get to watch one more spanking administered in the same way, first by hand, then with that hairbrush like paddle, and finally a riding crop.

Now for the production values...Camera angles are very good, and the entire production is perfectly clear. No graininess, sound blips, or any other distractions of any kind. The scenes where all the action takes place is well thought out and believable, and in real places. In her bedroom, then out in front of the school grounds, in the kitchen, in the living room. All areas are real and not props. The two sister's are dressed in "Goth" like apparel which furthers the appearance of them being witches. These are not brutal spankings, more along the lines of "erotic" spankings, which can be, and in this case are, a lot of fun to watch. As a matter of fact we could call this a "spanking comedy" I liked this video a lot. It was a fun excursion through several spankings. I recommend it to all spankophiles.


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