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Party Girl's Caning Competition

51 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 2/12/10

A "Mistress," played by Sarah Harvey-Lewis, holds a competition among three girls who are part of a spanking club entertainment network. She will cane them in sets, until two drop out and a winner is declared. Our winner still is "The Caning Competition," with Kate Westbrook and Sophie Fennington, made in the late 1980's, for many reasons, some we'll mention.

The Mistress explains the contest to Monica, Georgie, and Natasha. It will be sets of "10 strokes of the cane...severe...until one of you is left..." The girls find some smug humor in this and tease among themselves to win.

Monica will be caned first. She is a tall thin blonde, hair nearly to her waist. The furniture is a small padded trestle, built for no other purpose, rolled out from the CalStar prop room, and the posture is bottoms-up, legs spread, hands hanging onto the legs, very clinical and vulnerable. First set of 10 for Monica, white panties on. There are three camera angles--closeup of the bottom; face; and an oblique from the rear. There are repeats thoughout, mixing the perspectives, certainly doubling most of these stroke counts, at least.

Georgie is call out next. A buxom tall brunette. She is caned over her gauzy black panties. Repeats also.

Natasha, a sophisticated-looking dark blonde, played by Dublin O'Brien, is third. Mistress is surprised to see her Burberry panties. The first disparity of these caning sets occurs here when the Mistress pulls down her panties after 6 strokes for 5 more on the bare. She is sent "back to the desk. Leave your knickers down."

Round 2, Monica over the trestle again. A few strokes on her white panties, before Nastasha points out the inequity and demands Mistress "take her knickers done." Done. 10 strokes.

Georgie's second set is partly on panties, partly bare. she begins to struggle a bit. This is not so much fun after all.

Natasha's second set mostly on the bare.

Moving to the thrid brace, all on bare bottoms from now on, Monica takes 16--it would appear the repeats are triplicated for some strokes.

To Georgie: "Take your knickers completely off." Her ten strokes seem a bit more gentle. In the original 1980's version. the strokes were consistent and flaming, no repeats, no respites, no mercy.

Natasha takes her 10; 13 or so are shown.

Moving to the fourth, the three bare bottoms glow in a row. Monica seems unperturbed and flaunts that she will win. Rosy bottom over the trestle, 13 strokes on film.

Georgie, with a meek compliant "Yes, Mistress," takes 10.

And Natasha, 11 filmed.

We sense a climax. Monica, still smiling, takes 11. There is some whispering and rubbing.

Georgie's set of 10 is her last. "I concede defeat. I can't take any more."

Then Natasha, similarly takes 11, then: "No more, Miss. Monica is the best."

To resolve the confusion about why the girls quit after they were caned, Mistress does the right thing. "Monica, I have a surprise. You're going to get a few more to prove you are worthy." The few is 10 more, taken without a flinch. "Monica, I declare you the winner."

Three bare bottoms in closeup. Once again, the 1988 version produced more certain countable lines and weals.

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