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Payment in Pain

18 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 11/28/08

An early "Imprint." Two invitingly attractive blondes sit at sewing machines at the job. You'd think these gorgeous girls could do better. They've gotten in trouble on the job, and their female boss Miss Goodwin, as stunning to gaze upon as they are, is taking some satisfaction in berating them, as if she has a plan. In fact, they are to be "punished" at lunchtime.

The boss is a tall thin blonde and returns with a cane. Marie and Jane must stand and raise their skirts. We see panties, garter belts, stockings, etc circa 1980's. Marie goes OTK first. "You bastard," she blurts out, even though her spanking is mild, but surely embarrassing, having her pants pulled down right there at her workstation. She is cornered, pants down, and the boss grabs Jane. "Oh, I'm not a child." "Oh yes you are." Camera angle on her bare bottom is better; she has pale cheeks against a nice tan.

Marie is brought back for the cane, "10 of the best," over a chair, which unfortunately exemplify the adage we've quoted about "couldn't hurt a fly." Jane is then caned, first 10, then 22 more for her birthday last week, which seems to have been the source of the girls' trouble. Silly stuff.

Mr. Baker comes along, finds the girls commiserating, and marches them off to see Miss Goodwin. Now Goodwin is going to get it, and from the twinkle in her eye, it's not going to be a struggle. Skirt off, kneeling on a chair, frilly lace panties. A silly handspanking, but we'd accept her nomination for squawker-of-the-month. Baker spots the cane on the sewing table. "Ah, stand up." Bend-over, pants down, another useless caning, but Miss Goodwin is pleasing without pants, so we stay interested. A long string of meaningless cane taps and then the action just terminates.

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