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Emilie Von Scholle- The Peacock Lady

Running Time: 30 Minutes
Review by: John O'Connel

This video takes place around the late 1800's, early 1900's and set in a high class private school. Like all of the other videos from this company, the Czech language is spoken, but this one does include English subtitles. The production opens with the headmaster opening a very nasty looking rod, that he seems to be quite fascinated with. This man is dressed to the part and is bald with a goatee type beard. After taking a few practice swings with the rod a knock comes as the door. He puts away the rod and Miss Scholl enters the room. She is a medium built young blonde woman, wearing a light blue time of the century dress. After a brief discussion, we find that she wishes to be addressed as Miss Von Scholl as her father was ennobled and the Von is a sign of nobility. This will play out through the rest of the video as the headmaster will always over emphasize the Von when he addresses her. The purpose of her visit is because she has had a pretty poor attitude regarding her studies and in her treatment of other students since she has had her social standing elevated. Basically, she be thinking her shit don't stink. Well, our headmaster friend finds this to be quite unacceptable.

After lighting up a cigarette, he explains that having nobility is a big responsibility and that she should lead by example, and in fact treat people better. He explains the different types of nobility, and basically says she's a disgrace to all upper class people. As she begins to twitch and grab hold of her dress in anticipation of what's coming next, he informs her that she will be given 25 strokes of the cane for her behavior and an additional 5 strokes for her misrepresentation of nobility. She protests, which earns her another 5 strokes, and then tells him the Emperor wouldn't approve of such punishment. Well, if you wanted to light a fire under this guys ass, that would do it. In a professional, yet stern way, he basically tells her who does she think she is. Apparently the Emperor is a devout Catholic and lives by the spare the rod spoil the child theory. Well, shit, there goes that defense, and now the extra strokes is put up to 15 for a total of 40. She finally gets the picture and shuts up before she earns herself another five and asks if she can prepare herself for the punishment. He allows that, which means she can go behind a partition and raise the rear of her dress exposing her bare bottom. The dress is fixed in such a way that it stays up and she returns to be positioned over a small punishment table. After leaning over, he tells her to go fetch the cane first, then put herself over the table.

After returning with the cane, our headmaster secures her hands and legs with belts that are attached to the table. He wants her to count the strokes, which she never seems to be able to do. She's too busy yelling and screaming. He fires off the first stroke and she returns with a "thank you", but no number. After about three strokes, she's balling her eyes out and yelling like she's hailing a cab 3 blocks away. A few more strokes and he reminds her she's supposed to be counting, but again, she's kind of busy screaming so that's probably not too much of an option at this point. The strokes are pretty hard, you can see the deep color in the bruises and welts that develop on her behind. He also spends a minute or two waiting between strokes, which of course is the worst thing for her. She just wants to get this over with, not to mention the pain has time to set in. He finally reaches 25 and her butt is a complete mess, as is she for that matter. He actually had to tell her to get herself together a few times during the punishment. But, alas, he does have some sympathy and decides to waive the last 15 making sure that she understands that this is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of a true noble. A nobleman knows when to show mercy. While she's in this position though, he takes out a camera as he must record the punishment for the school board. Wouldn't you know it that Miss Von Scholl's father is a member of the school board. Yup, so he gets to see his poor daughter's blistered behind as well. When does the shame ever end for this girl? Not yet. She has to kneel on a grate of some sorts, which as to be rather uncomfortable to say the least. She rocks back and forth for a while and finally he headmaster says she can go. Or can she. After getting herself together and just as she's about to exit, he stops her. He makes her put on a hat of some sorts, that resembles rabbit ears. He tells her that if she takes if off, she will return for a more severe punishment. I actually got a chuckle out of it, she just looked so silly with it on. She exit's the office and the vides comes to a close.

This is actually a tough title to offer an opinion on. I liked the exchange between the two characters. The facial expressions, tone of voice, and verbiage was great. You could just see him knocking her down a peg or two, yet remaining very dignified. But, if you're looking for a video that jumps right into a punishment scenario, followed by others, this really isn't it. This video is a not just about the spanking, but tries to immerse you into the story. There is a lead up, which takes time. You have to read the sub titles and get a feel for what is taking place. I think the video is well made, but just may not be for everyone. Lupus is pretty generous with photos, so my suggestion is to check out their site and make your own judgment call. The video is around 30 minutes long and video/sound quality is good.

Emilie Von Scholle - the Peacock Lady

Running Time: 30 minutes
Review by UK Reviewer, December 2002

In this episode the headmaster finds himself exposed to the consequences of the Emperor's misguided attempt to shore up the decaying Austro-Hungarian Empire by ennobling all and sundry. Emilie is the daughter of a commoner who has been elevated for supplying horse shoes to the army! This has gone to the head of Emilie and her mother, and the girl becomes impertinent and overbearing, finally turning up for school in a gown which would be better suited to a night at the opera than attendance at St Thomas's.

We are treated to an opening sequence (and can understand the dialogue thanks to English subtitles which are a shade literal, but nevertheless convey the meaning) in which the Headmaster addresses Emilie, sarcastically emphasising the aristocratic "von" which now precedes her surname. And we enjoy the sight of the girl digging a deeper and deeper hole for herself as she presumes to sit during the interview, and even graciously gives the headmaster permission to smoke in her presence. No corporal chastisements yet, but with the canes on the rack in the background we can enjoy the dialogue while eagerly anticipating what must inevitably follow.

Sentence is soon pronounced. The headmaster, eyes popping with rage, offers twenty five strokes as a starter and soon increases this by a further, five, ten, then fifteen, as even this dire consequence of her haughtiness fails to bring Emilie to her senses. She is instructed to choose the third thickest cane and we sit back to relish the action. Unfortunately, however, the rest of this episode is a disappointment, offering rather less than it promises.

Right from the first tentative stroke Marie Bohacova, playing Emilie, sets up an extremely irritating caterwauling which bears no relationship to what is being applied to her rear end. It obviously upsets the headmaster too, and after fifteen strokes we see him look sideways, ostensibly perhaps, within the context of the movie, to seek reassurance and inspiration from the Founder's portrait on the wall, but in fact almost certainly to take in some frantic off-set semaphore from the director calling for the punishment to be brought to a speedy end. This the headmaster does with have a dozen perfunctory strokes delivered in rapid succession, followed by the usual photographic recording of the event. The stripes on Emilie's bottom do burn brightly as they rapidly turn a deeper shade of purple but in her case that owes more to a plump and tender target than to the severity of the punishment. Thereafter the thirty minute running time is filled out with an extended session of kneeling on the scrubbing board.

This young lady's contract with the studio will not be renewed! To understand why, compare her performance with that of Maria Horvathova in the previous splendid episode, Unbridled Youth.

UK Reviewer

From Lupus Pictures:
We just read latest review for Emilie Von Schrollby UK Reviewer. We fully accept reviewers independent opinion about this movie but we strongly protest against several false information.

We respect independent opinion of any reviewer of our movies but we have to respond to several false information in this review. There is no " ...frantic off-set semaphore from the director calling for the punishment to be brought to a speedy end" and no "thirty minutes of kneeling". This movies is about 30 minutes long at all and it was artistic aproach to shoot the second part of punishment in different speed.

This is our official statement and we would like to ask you if you could put it under this review. As stated we fully respect independent opinion of reviewer but we have to disagree with several false information.

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