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Peeping Tom at St. Lukes

31 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/21/09

CalStar identifies this video as a recent date. It does contain segments of some semi-explicit lesbian sex as well as the old-fashioned schoolgirl spanking, so you can choose your preference for when to go buy popcorn.

Meadows, a schoolgirl in detailed parochial garb, spies through a keyhole in her school. Two naked girls, on the school staff, are humping away, one getting the full measure in the squishy stages of a strap-on dildo from the other, although the details are implied. Meadows is fascinated, and is caught by a blonde Domme Vice Principal who looks like she could really pack a wallop. Meadows is sent to the school office to be dealt with, while the Vice Principal takes her place at the keyhole and seems more than curious about what she sees.

Meadows has been a peeping tom before. She is a small, demure ponytailed brunette, young enough to play the student, and wears a simple school jumper. The blonde Domme is spilling out of her unbuttoned blouse, her mature body straining for release. Meadows is to be spanked of course, OTK, a steady moderate handspanking on her regulation knickers. There is complicated repartee between the two, difficult to hear, but the gist would be that what Meadows saw was not uncommon.

"These will have to come down now." Meadows squawks as her bottom is bared. The Vice Principal is definitely enjoying herself. Over the desk for the leather oval paddle--Meadows argues loudly as to the appropriateness and has pulled her pants back up. Down they come. This whining makes it all the more exciting. "Please, not so hard, Miss." Good low camera angles of her perfect round bottom and more. Lots of grabbing and rubbing.

The floppy leather stinging paddle is next, with the usual result. "We're getting a nice red rosy color." Marginally too many "Ooh, Miss" declarations, but Meadows' unhappy face convinced us she didn't like the paddle. "Let's see how red I can get you."

More with the oval paddle. "The more you complain the more I'm going to do it." Meadows suggests this teacher has a 'special' relationship with some of the other teachers. That earns her the cane. "Oh no, Miss."

Meadows is bent over the desk for 26 strokes, excellently done, filmed from other angles, increasing in severity, some repeats. Entertaining. There will be "serious consequences if you mention this to anyone."

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