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Penalty Strokes 1

time: 24 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/1/10

A two-part video idea, not from the most clever screenwriter, where a male office supervisor uses "penalty points" to subdue and discipline his female employees. We'll suspend disbelief and join in the fun. Sandra, a tall slinky short-haired brunette, reports for her first day of work.

The fiming is done in one room, a sleazy dumpy storeroom office where it appears not one lick of work was done to make an appealing set.

The boss doesn't like her provocative dress--T-shirt and jeans, or her sassy attitude. He obliquely mentions a "penalty point' system, sets her to work and leaves. He returns shortly--she has done nothing and is on the phone with her boyfriend. He explains the penalty, "Spanking!" She doesn't seem to believe it, wiggling her bottom in mocking response.

He grabs her OTK, to her amusement. A few smacks, then "Take your jeans off." She drops her pants, exuding a taunting self-confidence, as if taking her jeans down in an office is not a big deal for her. Back OTK, he spanks her on cute aqua panties. She struggles, but not too much. The boss sends her home for the rest of the day, probably thinking he has made some impression.

The next day Sandra reports in a conventional two-piece white suit. The boss admires the view from her rear and shows her a document-tube chock-full of spanking implements. Sandra is unimpressed and insouciant, asking if taking a spanking will get off work again today. "So, you want another day off, do you?" Over the desk, she gets the strap on her white skirt.

The boss rucks up her skirt. The strapping is filmed from below. He takes Sandra's panties down and continues with a big-spoon paddle, producing round bruises. He demands she strip off her jacket and blouse, down to just a bra. A wild luxuriant pubic bush dates this film. Sandra has no hesitation about strippng in the office.

She kneels on a chair for the strap. The boss picks up the cane from the implement pile on the floor, pulls her breasts out of her bra for a grapefruit squeeze, and goes to work. Because she is so stately tall, she has bent fully over the chair, so that it acts as a sawhorse, so that her bottom is in position. About 20 firm, hard strokes are shown. The boss elicits flinches with some fake gestures. She jumps up occasionally. It is a hot, earnest and severe caning, bottom full-screen, making up for the tawdry setting and the lackluster plot planning.

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